Infographic: Why Customer Retention is Key for Small Businesses

You don’t have the time or money to acquire new customers. Well, that may not be true, but it is a costly undertaking to build a customer base. It also takes quite a bit of money to bring new customers in and even more money to get them to even spend a dollar. Your true value lies with your current customers. Most business owners understand this basic fact: the happier your current customers are, the more likely you are to succeed at customer retention.

Happy customers are return customers. Happy customers are also more likely to tell everyone about you, which brings new business right to your door. Word of mouth marketing is extremely valuable and cost effective.

So, before you put more money into an expensive ad campaign to drum up new business, check out the numbers in our infographic that proves customer retention should be the focus of every small business.

Customer Retention: The Infographic

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Customer Retention



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