Take full advantage of your call data with our API

Direct, programmatic control of your call data and status.

Integrate your PATLive services with any software

With the PATLive API, you can leverage your call data and status in virtually any software or reporting suite.

Access your call data

Retrieve your CDR records, call details and related artifacts in JSON format, so you can display PATLive calls (and messages, voicemails, form submissions, etc) within other software, perform advanced analysis in reporting tools and more.

API that allows you to see call details, messages, and voicemails from you answering service.
Manage the state of calls and messages from your outsource call center.

Set new/reviewed states

Manage the new/reviewed state of calls, so you can control this indicator from within other software or as part of automated ETL workflows.

Control your status

Set your status programmatically, so your PATLive status can be controlled from within other software or made to mirror state from another system where you’re already setting a status.

Download the documentation

API access is included with all of our plans. To get started, download ourΒ documentation.


Retrieve the same source data we use to populate our apps.


Make updates to new/reviewed states and your status.


Our API data is real-time with very little post-call lag.

Frequently asked questions

Nope. If you’re on a Pro or Pro+ plan, you already have access. You can authenticate with the same credentials that you use to sign in to the web and mobile apps.

Our API is real-time with very little post-call processing lag. On some call types, however, there may be a delay of up to fifteen minutes as the receptionist is finishing call wrap up duties that happen after the caller has disconnected.

Not yet, but we plan to in the future.

Our API documentation is the best place to get started, but if you’re having issues or need some assistance from one of our technical team members, we’re happy to help. Email us atΒ [email protected]Β and our customer service team will get you in contact with one of our software engineers.