Frequently Asked Questions

We make it easy to put the power of 24/7 live answering to work for your business.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Does PATLive outsource virtual receptionists from other countries?

No. PATLive’s Virtual Receptionists are 100% US-based. PATLive is based out of Florida and features a remote workforce from several different states, ready to handle your businesses needs!

Does PATLive offer bilingual answering services?

Yes! PATLive offers both English and Spanish language support for only an extra $20 per month!

What if I need to update my call handling instructions?

PATLive has got you covered. Simply reach out to our Customer Support team by phone, email, or chat, and we will be more than happy to modify your call handling instructions to suit your needs! Call Handling Instruction updates typically only take 24 business hours to complete, but if you have an urgent need for an immediate change, just let us know. We’re here to help!

Can PATLive place outbound calls to my clients?

No. PATLive only handles incoming calls or web chats from your customers.

Does PATLive record my calls?

PATLive does record every call for quality and training purposes. These recordings are only used for internal purposes and are not available to PATLive customers. If you need call recording as part of your services, we would suggest you check out our sister company Tresta as an add-on to your PATLive services, as Tresta offers call recording as part of it’s very low price! There’s even a free 7-day free trial so you can make sure it’s a great fit before committing to paying for it. More information about Tresta can be found on their website.

Do I get to choose which receptionists handle my calls?

All of PATLive’s receptionists are well trained, and able to handle your calls! If you have a more advanced set of call handling instructions that requires appointment booking, sales, or other needs that are more advanced than basic message taking, we have a team of Virtual Assistants who will be more than capable of taking care of your needs.

If PATLive doesn’t handle outbound calls, what are “sales calls”?

The “Sales Calls” available on some packages refers to PATLive’s ability to handle all of your inbound sales calls for products, goods, and services that your company offers.

What is the difference between “Message Taking” and “Lead Collection”

With PATLive’s message taking services, we will take the message your caller leaves and forward it directly on to you to use in whatever way you deem appropriate. However, with lead collection, we will enter the caller’s information directly in your CRM or other web-based software which will allow you to utilize custom workflows, lead tracking, and other features that your CRM may offer.

PATLive Features

What is PATLive’s API?

PATLive’s API allows you to receive lead/call data in a different way than the typical emails or text messages. Your development team / programmers can set up your own proprietary systems to receive or retrieve packets of data from PATLive when a lead is submitted. It also allows options for setting your status, and other great options. This would enable you to utilize your proprietary systems to receive the leads and do whatever you prefer with the data received, whether that is to display it, or create some custom work flow based on the data received. More information is available on our API page.

What is PATLive’s Mobile App?

PATLive features an easy-to-use mobile app that goes right on your cell phone so that you can do a number of tasks related to your PATLive services. Get real-time updates on your calls with push notifications, update your availability to instantly change how your calls are being handled, and visualize call trends & patterns with easy to use reports. More information on our Mobile App can be found here. Use of the mobile app is not required in order to receive your leads/messages. It’s 100% up to you if you’d like to use it, but we’re sure you’ll love the convenience of it!

How can I indicate in real-time whether I’m available for call transfers or not?

PATLive’s mobile app features your “Status” indicator, which tells our receptionists in real-time whether you are or are not available for call transfers. You can set your status to available when you’re available, or at lunch, away from desk, in a meeting, do not disturb, or other statuses that you deem appropriate for your current availability. To select your status, simply click in the top left corner of the mobile app and the menu to change your status will appear.

What is the “Basic Message Taking” script?

The Basic Message Taking script used with our Basic Plan simply asks callers for a limited set of information including their name, phone number, email address, and the nature of the call. We’ll include your business name in the greeting to ensure that your callers are assured they’ve called the right place. The Basic Message Taking Script is not otherwise customizable.

Can I modify my call handling instructions?

Absolutely, as long as you’re on the Starter plan or better, your call handling instructions are completely customizable to suit your businesses call handling needs. Simply contact us via phone, email, or chat to request any needed changes. Changes typically take 24 business hours to process.

Your PATLive Phone Number(s)

Why do I need a PATLive phone number?

Your PATLive phone number connects your callers directly with an agent who handles the calls according to your call handling instructions. You can either forward your calls to PATLive (either for overflow calls that aren’t answered, or on a schedule), or simply port your existing phone number in to PATLive’s service if we’ll be handling your calls all the time.

Can I port my number in to PATLive’s service?

Yes! We would be happy to port your local or toll-free number in to your PATLive service. We do not charge any fees to port your number in to or out of PATLive.

Can I port my number out of PATLive’s service?

Yes! PATLive makes the outbound porting process easy. Simply contact the new carrier and request the port, let us know that you’ll be porting your number out, and we’ll release the number. PATLive doesn’t charge any additional fees to port your number out.

Can I place calls or send texts from my PATLive telephone number?

PATLive doesn’t offer the ability to place outbound calls or send/receive texts from your PATLive number. However, many of our customers opt to utilize our sister company, Tresta, to achieve this goal! Tresta offers an affordable business phone system that you can use right on your mobile phone to place outbound calls, send text messages, and so much more. We would forward your calls from Tresta in to PATLive either all the time, or on a schedule. It’s super flexible! To get a 7-day free trial of Tresta, or for more information about Tresta, please visit their website.

PATLive Billing

How can I get started with PATLive?

It’s really easy to get started! Just click the “Try free for 14 days” button at the top of our website, then one of our Customer Service Agents will give you a call to set up your account. We’ll set up an Onboarding appointment with one of our knowledgeable Onboarding Specialists who will learn a bit about your business and work with you to formulate the perfect set of call handling instructions to suit your needs.

How does PATLive’s billing work?

PATLive bills each month of service up front for the package price that you selected. Any taxes, overages, or fees are billed in arrears. Billing cycles are determined based on when you sign up for service, after the 14-day free trial. Your Onboarding specialist will let you know what your billing cycle will be upon completion of your trial period.

What is a billing cycle, and why is a monthly cycle important?

Our monthly billing cycle is designed to provide clarity and fairness. Billing cycles last for one month from their start date, which is determined after the completion of your 14-day free trial. By initiating your billing cycle after the free trial you’ll have a set date that you can count on every month for your bill to be ready.

Some of our competitors use a 28-day billing cycle which can create confusion as their cycles don’t match the natural calendar months, potentially making it challenging to track expenses and budget accurately. 28-day cycles effectively add up to an extra “month” of charges over a year. This practice leads to unexpected higher costs for customers.

Do I need to sign a contract with PATLive for answering services?

No contracts are needed! PATLive offers affordable month-to-month service with no contracts required! You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime!

What if I’m using too many (or not enough) minutes to justify the package that I’m on? Can I upgrade or downgrade plans?

Absolutely! Because there are no contracts locking you in to a package, you can upgrade or downgrade anytime! Upgrades and downgrades will take place at the beginning of your next billing cycle. Just reach out to our Customer Support team to request any upgrades or downgrades needed. We’re here to help!

Is there an extra charge for handling overnight, weekend, or holiday calls?

Absolutely not. PATLive is happy to handle your calls 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, for the listed package price. No surprises or “gotchas”!

How do I know how many minutes I’m using?

During the first 30 days of service with PATLive our Onboarding specialists will work directly with you to keep you apprised of how many minutes you’re using, and will make suggestions based on that usage as to which plan would be best for your needs. However, you can check your PATLive web access to determine month-to-date and periodic minute usage anytime!

Do my package minutes roll over?

Package minutes do not roll over from month to month. Each month you’ll start with the number of minutes based on the package you choose. Overages are billed based on your plan selection, but you can upgrade/downgrade anytime!

How is PATLive’s talk-time billed?

PATLive only bills for the time that our receptionists are on the phone with your callers. We bill the first minute in full, and then each 10th of a minute thereafter (in 6 second increments).

Why does PATLive bill by the minute instead of by the call?

We believe in a billing model that is fair and transparent. Charging by the minute is our way of ensuring that you only pay for the actual time you spend on our service. We don’t profit from quick calls or rush conversations, unlike the per-call billing approach used by some competitors. We’re proud of our genuine customer-first philosophy. Our agents aren’t motivated or incentivized by call duration; they’re focused on delivering meaningful and effective interactions that address your needs. You’re welcome to give us a call and we’d be happy to do a demo for you to experience our dedication firsthand.

Our commitment to honesty extends beyond mere pricing. With per-minute billing, there are no hidden costs or windfalls – just a clear reflection of the time you’ve engaged with us. Many interactions naturally fall within the 3 to 3.5-minute range, and we ensure that you’re charged accurately for only those minutes.

In essence, our per-minute billing isn’t just about pricing – it’s about integrity, customer satisfaction, and a commitment to a better way of doing business.

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