Phone Numbers

Here’s how phone numbers work with your PATLive services.

You can use your current phone number, or one we’ll provide

When you start service, we’ll provide a new number that you can advertise directly, or you can use a number you already have.

Using your existing business number with PATLive

If you already have a number that you want to use with our services, you can do so either of two ways:

1) Simply forward your calls to the number that we provide – you can forward calls all the time or just sometimes.

2) Or port your number into our platform – we’ll receive 100% of your calls while your number is hosted on our platform, and you can port it back out anytime.

800 numbers available.
Choose a toll free or local number.

Using the new phone number we provide

If you don’t already have a number, that’s ok too. We provision a new phone number as part of all our plans.

You can select a local number in any area code or a toll-free number in your choice of prefix. Numbers are ready to use instantly after sign up, and if you ever decide to leave PATLive, you can bring your number with you.


Get a local number in any area code in North America.


Get a toll-free phone number in your choice of toll-free prefix.


Get a phone number that spells a memorable word or phrase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with our FindMe feature, we can try to reach you at up to four different numbers before calls rollover to your PATLive receptionists.

Yes, you can add additional phone numbers to any plan for $5 per number per month.

There are several reasons customers benefit from having multiple numbers with our services.

Local Presence – with a local phone number in each city that you advertise, you can present as a local company in multiple markets.

Toll-Free & Local – long distance may be a thing of the past, but there’s still something about a toll-free number that reflects positively on a business and many companies prefer to have both local and toll-free listings.

Call Analytics – using multiple phone numbers is a great way to gauge the volume and quality of calls associated with a particular source – just assign a unique phone number to each channel you want to monitor.

Yes, but each plan provides for only one set of call handling instructions, which are shared by all the numbers on that service instance. So to do this, you would need to sign up for multiple service instances.

Generally speaking, no. Each plan includes at least one phone number, and you can select a local or toll-free number. However, if you want an 800 number (as opposed to an 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888), there is a premium number fee of $5 per month.

Yes, we’re happy to help you find the perfect vanity number for your business and offer vanity numbers for only $10 per vanity number per month.

Porting times will depend on your current carrier and other factors that are unique to each port, but generally speaking, we can port numbers in three to five business days.

If there is a delay, it is almost always due to information submitted on the porting form that didn’t match what the current carrier had on file or a hold that has been placed the number by the current carrier.