Leaders in live answering services since 1990

For over 33 years, our team has been helping businesses deliver what every caller wants – a live person and helpful service.

Our History

PATLive was formed in 1990 by Glen Davidson, an entrepreneur who believed that taking care of customers as the first priority was the only way to run a business. Our story is unique, however, as we didn’t set out to be an answering service. Our roots are actually in the telecom industry, where we provided a one-of-a-kind networked voice platform that allowed distributed teams to communicate in an era before e-mails, cell phones and texting. To support that platform, we formed a customer service department that assisted customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team earned us rave reviews from our customers and helped land us on the Inc. 500 list several times in a row. Pretty soon, our customers started asking if our team could answer calls on their behalf.

After listening to our customers’ needs, we rebranded and launched PATLive – a flexible answering service that was designed to answer calls for a variety of different industries and scenarios. We developed and wrote our own software to manage the receptionists’ call handling instructions, applying what we knew about providing great customer service to our customers’ calls. Since that time, we have grown into a modern answering service that still holds true to our roots – focusing on our customers first and providing them the best experiences possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help your business deliver an engaging, helpful experience on every call you receive. We’re proud to offer the best virtual receptionists and call answering services in the industry, with over 33 years of experience answering calls for businesses like yours.

Rated “excellent” by hundreds of real customers on TrustPilot

“I tried another service (SAS) and while I was in their free trial period, I had such a bad experience that I switched to PATLive. I felt like my rep, Darla, cared about my business and wanted to make sure I felt like my company was in good hands. PATLive was a little more expensive, but I feel like SAS would have cost me more due to the quality of service. I highly recommend this company.”

– Auction Vcommerce LLC

The best US receptionists, training and technology

PATLive virtual receptionists are trained and equipped to work as a seamless extension of your business, so callers will think they’re speaking with a member of your team – not your answering service.

Our Values

At PATLive, you’ll find that our values run deeper than just a list on our website – they drive everything we do for you, and you can count on seeing these traits championed in every receptionist that will be answering calls on behalf of your business.


You feel responsible for the end results and can be counted on to make sound decisions.


It’s important to you to always be your true self and to engage life honestly and authentically.


You’re the kind of person that others can trust to wisely manage resources on their behalf.


You approach others with a warmth and openness that projects a natural sense of likability.


You believe that a great attitude is important to achieving the best outcome in any situation.


You’re mindful of the gap that can form between what you say and the message people actually hear.


You conduct yourself with the decorum and etiquette that’s appropriate for today’s business world.


You believe it’s important to live by the golden rule, treating others as you’d want to be treated.

Our Leadership Team

PATLive’s leadership team is a diverse group of leaders with decades of experience helping their teams dream big and deliver their best.

Jackie Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer

Jackie is a logistics expert with a keen business sense, driving PATLive to transform abstract ideas into demonstrated successes.

David Mason
Director of Customer Service

David is an advocate for all things customer, always championing those little details that add delight to the customer experience.

PATLive Director of Human Resources, Rosina Cherry

Rosina Cherry
Director of Human Resources

Rosina is a talented culture curator who’s always pushing for new and innovative ways to ensure PATLive employees truly love their jobs.