Generate high-quality leads from your calls

From basic lead capture to detailed lead scoring, we’ll help ensure you get the information you need from your calls.

Collect exactly what you need with customizable lead forms

With our form-based approach to lead collection, it’s easy to get exactly what you need from your calls.

Each form consists of a form name and set of fields that you want our receptionists to collect. You can use a single form for your calls, or you can create multiple forms that support different lead capture types within your call flow.

New customer inquiry form to be filed out by virtual receptionist.
3rd party apps your virtual receptionist can take leads on.
3rd party apps that integrate with our answering service.

Capture leads in our software or the software you already use

If you don’t have a CRM, we can host your lead forms in our system, and when you receive a new lead, we’ll forward it by email or via a push notification in our web and mobile apps.

Or if you do, our receptionists can work directly in your existing CRM or sales software via our suite of integrations, so new leads can follow your normal workflow.

Automatically get your leads to the right person or team

In addition to serving as the templates for lead collection on your calls, our lead forms also specify who will receive the form’s leads.

Create different forms for different lead types, and leads will automatically be emailed to the right person or team based on the form that was used to collect it.

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Customize your lead forms to get exactly the info you need.

Frequently asked questions

When you sign up for service, we’ll provide a local or toll-free phone number. You can either advertise this number directly, or you can forward your calls to it from your current number. Forward calls all the time, or only at certain times.

That’s entirely up to you. Some customers use short and simple lead forms, and others use lead forms that are fairly lengthy. There really are no limitations on our end, it just comes down to what you need to collect and what you feel is appropriate for your type of caller.

Yes, we can map the lead format to your opening question, so that you can collect the unique set of information you need for each lead type.

It depends how your lead forms are being hosted.

If we’re hosting them on our platform, you’ll receive an email, text and/or push notification in our web and mobile apps anytime you receive a new lead.

If we’re submitting leads directly to your CRM or other software that you’ve directed us to use, you can rely on the notifications built into that software and/or we can still send a notification from our platform as well if you’d like.

Yes, each lead form has its own delivery options, so it’s easy to get your leads to the appropriate person or team.

Just create a unique form for each type of lead that you want to distribute, and leads will automatically be emailed to the right person or team based on the form that was used to collect it.

Of course!

Give us a call at 800-775-7790 or email [email protected] and member of our team will be happy to help you modify any aspect of how your calls are being handled.