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Customer Service Week: How to Celebrate in 2019

Customer Service Week is a nationally recognized event celebrated annually on the first full week in October. If you’re wondering why anyone would ever want to celebrate customer service for a day, let alone an entire week, here’s why.

At PATLive, we celebrate Customer Service Week to remind our live receptionists what an integral role they play in our business. Customer Service Week was established as a way for organizations to place a strong emphasis on the importance of support staff and stellar service. The Customer Service Group, originators of this event, recommend using the week to…

  • Boost morale, motivation and teamwork.
  • Reward your frontline representatives.
  • Raise company-wide awareness of the importance of customer service.
  • Thank other departments for their support.
  • Remind customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction.

This year’s theme is β€œThe Magic of Service, recognizing that good service is magical. It can turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied long-term customer. It can turn an occasional customer into a repeat customer. And it can turn any customer into your biggest fan and advocate.”

Need some inspiration for how to celebrate your customer service team? Here are some unique ways to recognize your team for Customer Service Week 2019:

Two Words – Free Food

Free food is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, every time. Treat your CSRs to breakfast or a catered lunch. Set up a taco bar, bring around an ice cream cart, or even call in a food truck.

Show Your Appreciation in Writing

Nothing beats a handwritten note or card for getting a message across. Delivering handwritten cards to your CSRs from leadership is a great way to show your appreciation.

Have Fun with Themes

Hosting themed days with games and relevant outfits is a fun way to keep it festive. This year’s theme is “The Magic of Service”. Get creative!

Give Back

Studies show that employees stay longer with organizations that care about their community. Organize a charitable activity or service day for your team.

Show Them Off

Your CSRs aren’t always the center of attention. Feature them on your social media channels to recognize their hard work and dedication.

Celebrating Customer Service Week is a great way to show appreciation to the team members who take such great care of your customer base. Wondering where to start? Click here to download the official Customer Service Week Organizer’s Guide.

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