The Benefits of Outsourcing Calls with an Answering Service

If you ask a list of small businesses if they’d like 100% of their phone calls answered, they’d say “Of course!”. If you ask the same small businesses if they need an answering service, the answers will most likely vary. Maybe it’s because of a limited budget, maybe it’s because they don’t realize how many valuable business phone calls they’re missing, or perhaps it’s because they have in-house staff capable of answering phone calls and don’t have a need for an answering service.

Either way, we can all agree that missing phone calls means missing out on potential business opportunities. In 2018, U.S. businesses lost $75 billion due to poor customer service. Your in-house staff is your best asset when it comes to running your day-to-day operations, but outsourcing calls with an answering service can do wonders for both your team and can help your business become more profitable. Here are some top benefits of hiring an answering service:

Professional call answering coverage –  24/7/365.

This means you’ll never miss a call again. Ever. At PATLive, our friendly and reliable agents are available 24/7, even on weekends and major holidays – so whether it is lunchtime or 3 am – you can feel confident knowing that your callers are being taken care of around the clock.

Customized experiences to fit your business needs.

We may not work in your office, but it will sound like we do. PATLive offers a proprietary scripting software that allows our consultants to create a script that is completely custom to your business – so you can rest easy knowing that you have PATLive’s award-winning team of virtual receptionists representing your business like it was our own – every time the phone rings.

Reduce overhead costs.

Adding an answering service to your business call flow is more affordable than you think. It allows you to focus on what matters most to your business, and it costs far less than hiring in-house staff. When it comes to pricing, PATLive offers six different pricing plans – where you are billed monthly based on usage. This way you’re not paying for more than you need.

Increase your teams’ productivity.

Stopping what you’re doing to answer a phone call about your hours can really put a damper on your productivity level. Route those types of calls to an answering service so you and your team can stay focused on the task at hand. PATLive’s virtual receptionists can perform a wide range of services on your calls, so you can spend less time following up and more time growing your business.

Build brand image and customer satisfaction.

Did you know that 78% of customers will consider moving to a competitor after having a bad customer service experience? With phone answering services by PATLive, your callers will be able to reach a friendly, professional virtual receptionist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our goal is to delight our callers with top-notch service at all times, and happy callers turn into repeat customers.

Leverage top-notch, highly trained agents.

It takes time and money to hire and train an in-house receptionist. Let an answering service like PATLive, do the heavy lifting when it comes to finding the talent and transforming them into customer service rockstars. PATLive focuses on hiring top applicants and investing in each hire with extensive training and coaching to help them to deliver truly outstanding service.

A great answering service is available at all times, offers plenty of pricing options, and has a track record of great customer service. Your team is your most valuable asset. Do them a favor by outsourcing your calls to an answering service. You’ll capture more business opportunities, provide your customers with five-star service, and boost productivity company-wide.

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