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This Is Why Successful Real Estate Investors Use Live Receptionists

To say real estate investors are busy is a gross understatement. Agents are constantly rushing to appointments with partners or to show one of their available properties or putting out any number of property management fires; it is not a career choice for the timid.

The very nature of the job has the investor on the phone or connected to email the majority of the day. And if they are one of the best in their market, their phone is ringing off the hook and it can be hard to track who is calling or how they were found.

So, how do successful investors keep up with the flood of phone calls they receive on a daily basis? They hire a live answer service to manage their phones and keep them connected.

If you want to be a top real estate investor in your market, you have to give yourself an edge. One of the best ways to put yourself ahead of the pack is to return calls in a timely manner, but that isn’t always possible. Having your phone calls managed is one way to provide service that impresses.
Investors can use all the help they can get to deliver exceptional service. Here’s why successful realtors use live receptionists to manage their calls.

No Missed Calls

Real estate investors have some of the busiest phones on the planet. In a dream world, you would be able to answer or at least return all of your calls by the end of the day. The problem is that calls can easily fall through the cracks, making you look unprofessional and increasing your chances for missing out on a very lucrative opportunity.

A live receptionist will catch every single call and provide you with the information you need so that you can return client calls when you’re ready. PATLive delivers messages via email and can transcribe voicemails for you so you never have to listen to them more than once. Heck, you don’t have to listen to them at all!

You will never have to choose between answering a phone call and your to-do list when using a live answer service.

Manage Property Showings

It is so easy to get viewing requests mixed up, especially if you aren’t totally organized. A live answer agent can help you book viewings for all of your properties around your schedule. No more toggling between your phone calendar and your voicemail and a list of your properties; who has the time or the sanity to deal with all of that mess?

If you want a better way to manage your client viewing requests, a live receptionist can keep you organized and on top of things. Success is in your sights.

Provide Property Information

Buyers will tend to peruse the Internet to search for their dream properties but occasionally will have questions they can’t find the answers to online. You have the answers, but why not let a live answer service field those questions for you? They can also collect lead information so you can follow up in the future.

Keep Track of Tenant Requests

If you own an apartment complex, strip mall or office building, it is extremely important to take care of your tenants. Fail to do so and you could wind up losing one or more tenants and a bunch of money in the process. A live answer service can provide 24-hour customer service. No more answering your phone in the middle of the night.

Successful real estate investors use live receptionists to make sure potential buyers are taken care of and to help expand their business. You don’t have to be on your phone all day to be a success. Live receptionists can help you to get back to doing more of what you love most: shaking hands and making deals.

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