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[Infographic] How to Craft the Ultimate Call Flow

Call Management: The phone is the cornerstone of your business. Not only does it connect you with customers or clients, but the fact that you have a phone shows how much you value the customer experience. One way to make your calls more efficient is to build out a call flow.

In this post, you will learn more about:

  • What a call flow is and how it works;
  • Items to take into consideration when building a call flow;
  • How PATLive creates call flows for businesses.

What is a call flow?

A call flow is essentially a map that details how your calls will be handled from the time they are answered to the moment you hang up. A well designed call flow outlines all the information you need and is organized in a way that makes it accessible to anyone working for your business.

How does a call flow work?

Whether you design it on a piece of notebook paper or create it using a diagram, the call flow works the same. You choose the most frequently asked questions or the most frequent requests. From there, you create a path that can easily be followed in order to answer customer questions more effectively and gather thorough customer information.

Items to consider when crafting a call flow.

Not all call flows are created equal; the items you consider will change from industry to industry. Here are some common things to think about when building your call flow.

  • Will you use an auto-attendant or answer the phone yourself?
  • If you use an auto-attendant, what menu items will you include?
  • Will callers have access to a live person or an auto-attendant 24/7?
  • What information do I want to gather?
  • What are the most common requests or questions?
  • What script will we use to answer common questions?
  • What process will we use when we don’t know the answer to a question?
  • Will calls be directed to voicemail?

Running through these questions before creating a call flow for your business will give you the ability to create the best call experience and gather all the customer information you need.

Here’s how we build call flows for effective call management.

We have been answering calls for businesses just like yours since 1990. We’ve built so many crazy efficient call flows that calling us experienced is an understatement; we should practically have a doctorate in it by now.

When new customers sign up with PATLive, we take the time to craft the right call flow (including scripts) for their business to ensure we answer their calls exactly as they would. In fact, many callers don’t realize we work remotely because of our expertly designed call flows. Our agents sound just like in-house receptionists.

Want a little insight into how we build call flows for our customers? Check out the infographic below to get the scoop.

PATLive Live Answer Call Flows and Call Management

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