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5 Customer Service Tools You Should Be Using

We love customer service tools and software at PATLive. They make our jobs easier and help our customers get the best possible service we can provide.

You can only get so far with your customers with nothing but a telephone and your sparkling personality at your disposal. As our world becomes more mobile, it is imperative to be where your customers are and make it easy for them to reach you.

Here are 5 of the greatest customer service tools you should be using.

Live Chat

Adding live chat capability to your site allows the customer to connect instantly without having to pick up the phone. There’s something a lot less serious about live chatting with a representative as opposed to calling in. Like, I’m kind of interested in you but not quite ready to take that next big step. So it’s a great option to gently lead those opportunities to the next level. However, you should be available 24/7 with live chat. People will expect an instant response, which is something to think about when it comes to execution. Well worth the investment when you think about it as an additional way to close sales.

Social Media

Customers love to see a business on social media. It allows customers to connect with a business on a different level. A well-executed social media page exhibits your brand’s personality. However, it’s not all about fun industry statistics displayed in pops of color and the latest “cat video gone viral”, it can also be used to resolve issues.

Consumers have more platforms than ever to access you, all of them can and will be turned into customer service scenarios. Overall, social media helps to create a community and build brand loyalty. Plus, it’s pretty much mandatory to have a social media presence these days.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

People like providing feedback. Warning! Not all of them will be glowing reviews. However, in the long run, constructive feedback can be used to create better service. Putting yourself in their shoes may make you understand where the frustrations are coming from and make adjustments to improve your processes. Plus, the positive feedback you receive could highlight your high performers so that you can recognize them. Most likely people are already talking about your business, you might as well hear what they’ve got to say! Surveys are simple to set up, we use Survey Monkey.

Customer Portals

Self service is so hot right now. Customers appreciate being able to make changes to billing and accounts on their own time. As bad as it sounds, sometimes we want to conduct our own business without having to have human interaction. The simpler, the better. It also provides a great sense of transparency into your company.

A Ticketing System

These are great for organizing your issues so you can control who is resolving what and when. They allow you to resolve issues quicker and you’re able to track who handled it and how it was handled. PATLive uses HubSpot to manage both social media and callback forms. We provide 24/7 service, so it’s a great tool for us to streamline the process and track how issues are being handled.

Customer service is no longer comprised of someone at a desk taking in-person issues from the hours of 9:00 to 5:00. There are a vast array of customer service tools and today’s consumers are more empowered than ever to communicate negatively or positively about your business. The good news is you’re not alone! Tools like these are built to make your life easier and to make your business shine.

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