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Why Your Startup Should Have Dedicated Customer Service Reps

Startups and Customer Service: Startups are buzzing and busy. So much work is going into getting them off the ground, and sometimes customer service gets lost in the shuffle. Regardless of whether your startup is an app, software, or service, it’s imperative to have dedicated customer service staff in place.

Here are 3 ways a dedicated customer service staff can help your startup to achieve rapid growth:

Dedicated staff can handle the on-boarding of new customers.

Your startups customer service reps (CSRs) can help to onboard new customers and send along needed materials to get going while you focus on tweaking the software or troubleshooting an issue with the app. In addition, if you have a sales team, they can worry about generating new business instead of managing current accounts.

Your CSRs can manage your phones and email requests.

The last thing you and your team need to do is worry about the phones. A dedicated staff for customer service can handle all of that. Don’t have phones? They can manage your emails for you, too! If staffing a receptionist is too expensive, you can consider hiring a live answering service that will cover you 24/7.

CSRs can be trained to manage social media inquiries and complaints.

Social media management is time consuming. Using a ticketing system, your startup’s customer service reps can easily manage customer issues that come through on social media. Create a separate account for support so things stay as streamlined as possible. They’ll be able to respond to requests quicker than you, as well.

A lot of startups put off building a dedicated customer service team – that could be a huge mistake. You’re a growing business with a growing customer base, having that staff allows you to create a great experience for your customers and allows you to focus on what you love doing best. Formulate a strategy that aligns with your business goals, and your satisfied customer base will speak for themselves as you watch the business roll in.

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