These Startups have awesome benefits

These Businesses are Humanizing Their Benefits Packages

Startup founders and younger CEOโ€™s move people with their grand visions of creating products that better our lives. Uber has changed the way we think about transportation. Tinder has changed the way people date (or, er, meet others). Facebook has dynamically changed the way we communicate and connect with friends and family.

Another thing these visionaries are bettering: their employee benefits packages.

Anyone who has worked a full-time position knows how the typical employee benefits package looks: paid time off, health insurance and maybe a 401K. In the estimation of these young visionaries, this is the benefits package of a bygone era. Whereโ€™s the incentive? Where is the human element?

As the Millennial workforce continues to grow, business owners should analyze the needs of their recruits versus what the standard benefits should include. According to Deloitte, two considerations Gen Y heavily weigh when comparing job opportunities is work-life balance and flexibility.

If work-life balance or flexibility arenโ€™t factored into your benefits, be prepared to lose some of your best talent to businesses that have included that human element to their packages. How creative you get with these is up to you!

The insurance company Unum has rounded up a list of 40 companies that have some pretty insane benefits. I mean, $2,000 to cover travel expenses? A four-month paid paternal leave? Read on to learn more about the coolest employee benefits available. Perhaps you will be inspired to create or look for a business that offers employee-first benefits yourself.

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