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101 Business Books for People Who Love to Grow

I recently realized I spend way too much time watching reality TV, particularly the show with a set of housewives based in large cities. You know the ones.

I started watching these shows nearly a decade ago on a day I stayed home sick in bed. I couldn’t turn it off; the sheer silliness of grown women yelling at each other over the trivial was hilarious and fascinating. How ridiculous! Slowly but surely, I’ve allowed myself to identify with some of them (the more rational ones, of course) and have been swept away.

After reading a business book about mindfulness and the importance of being present, I started to take a hard look at all of my habits and analyzing what I spend my time on the most. I asked myself why I spend so much time on a group of women who care nothing about my life. What am I really getting out of this? Is it inspiring me? Is it empowering me?

If I said I was able to answer those questions, I would be a total liar. I still watch those shows, finding each one more entertaining than the previous. Yet, there’s been a shift. Had I not read that book, I would have never considered my watching reality TV as a problem.

It’s obvious that reading can be an extremely powerful motivator for change.

Have you been feeling stagnant lately? Apathetic to everything that’s happening in your life? Passionless? Rudderless? It’s so easy to become dispassionate when you’re busy working – the everyday can take its toll. Sometimes it takes a good dose of inspiration to launch one into the next great thing.

Whether you own your own business or work to help make a business great, it’s always good to have a little push. Reading is a great way to learn from the best-of-the-best, and challenge yourself to do more.

Check out our list of over a hundred business books that will help you grow in work and in life.

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