5 Lead Generation Strategies to Increase Your Call Volume

If you look at many businesses today, they often have complex online funnels set up that are designed to automate the lead and sales process. For example, a search result sends users to a landing page, where they get an automated chat that invites them to a free trial, which is then followed up by more emails that hopefully drive a conversion.

Sometimes, though, the best thing you can do is to get users to call you directly as soon as they find your business. There’s plenty of data to back this up, including the following: 

  • Somewhere between 50-60% of buyers prefer speaking over the phone instead of emailing when they’re in the buying process
  • A study by New Voice Media found that 77% of respondents believe phone calls are the most effective ways to get answered quickly when buying
  • 70% of mobile searchers say they regularly call businesses after clicking on a mobile search ad
  • “Click to call” is one of the most effective CTAs businesses can have on their site, as it can increase site conversion rate by up to 200%
  • 61% of Google users on mobile believe it’s important that they can call a business during the purchasing phase

Phone calls can be a top revenue source for businesses, but in order to get that revenue, you need to increase the number of phone calls coming in. In this post, we’re going to discuss 5 lead generation strategies that will help your business increase call volume so you can maximize revenue. 

1. Create “Call for Consultations” Lead Magnets 

Most lead magnets you see online are designed to capture an email address and other potentially qualifying information. You can, however, create lead magnets that are designed to encourage immediate phone calls.

Your landing pages can encourage users to call you right away for an appointment, consultation, or to get pricing information. Make sure that you’re including click-to-call on mobile and a clearly-placed call-to-action for site visitors to call you. 

2. Run PPC Campaigns Designed to Drive Calls 

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on search engines like Google and Bing can be exceptional ways to increase call volume quickly. 

When users are searching for a business like yours, search ads allow you to appear above the top of the standard results with copy created to align with the search intent. You get to explain quickly why your brand, product, or service is superior to the competition, and there’s a clickable phone number that users can call if interested. 

Use ad extensions to include your phone number on your campaigns. On mobile, these phone numbers are clickable, making it easy for users to call. On desktop, the number is prominently displayed so it’s easy for users to see and call. 

3. Optimize Your Social Platforms to Increase Call Volume 

All social media sites let businesses add contact information to their profile, including their address, website, and phone number. 

First, make sure that your phone number is clearly listed, and that the number is up to date. After you do this, optimize each profile to increase call volume. On Facebook, you can choose a “call now” CTA button instead of a “Learn more” or “Shop now” option. On Instagram and Pinterest, you can alter your profile bio to include a “Call us now!” or “Book an appointment by calling” line, which brings the focus to your phone number. 

When managing your accounts, you can also respond to users who need more information by encouraging them to give your business a call. If someone wants to learn more about the services you offer, you can list the basic information they’re asking for and then invite them to call for more info. 

4. Consider Setting Up a Vanity Business Number 

If you want to increase call volume to your business, think about using a vanity business number. Vanity numbers can make you look more established and professional, and they’re definitely easy to remember.

1-800-Flowers, for example, is plenty easy to remember and can drive more calls just because it’s easy for users to remember. 

This can be incredibly effective. If your dog broke a toe on a weekend evening, for example, and you remembered seeing an ad for “1-800-eVET” that offered mobile emergency vet hours, it might be the first number you call before even doing research. 

5. Hand Out Business Cards At Networking Events 

Many local and regional businesses can benefit from in-person networking events. Once social distancing guidelines have passed, look for local events and industry conferences where you can connect with your target audience who could become potential customers. 

Sometimes even general conferences like Women in Business events can help you make valuable connections.

Before attending, print out business cards for each attending employee. Have the business’s phone number printed on the card, ideally with the team member’s specific extension if they’re an account manager. Choose high-quality cards like those that you can get from sites like MOO, which will stand out and help your business look credible. 

Remember that people are most likely to reach out to businesses that they feel comfortable with and that they trust; setting the stage for customer rapport with in-person introductions can go a long way. 

Phone calls can get leads the answers they need quickly, securely, and while establishing rapport with your staff. Once you’ve invested into a strong customer support team, it only makes sense that you’d want to increase call volume to take full advantage of it.

Putting more of your business’s lead generation efforts towards increasing call volume can differentiate you from the competition while giving you the chance to build meaningful relationships with potential customers. 

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