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eBook: How Technology is Changing Customer Service

Customer service today looks vastly different than it did even ten years ago.

Ten years ago, mediocre customer service was almost the expected standard, with long wait-times on phone calls or help emails that wouldn’t be returned for days. And sometimes, even if the customer service wasn’t great, you’d still stay on as a customer. 

Now, though, technology has changed customer service in so many different ways. As a result, it’s also morphed customers’ expectations, with over 54% of customers across the globe saying that their customer service expectations have risen even over the past few years.

Businesses are adapting, which is largely why 40% of American consumers have noticed that more businesses are turning their focus to customer service. We’re seeing more immediate and omnichannel support for higher-quality service than ever before, and this isn’t just a unique perk of great service; it’s an expectation. 

And while customer expectations are paramount, the underlying cause and solution is one and the same: Technology. 

How Technology Has Changed Customer Service 

Technology has undeniably changed customer service in multiple different ways. 

There are four changes, however, that most significantly impacted customer service:

  • Integrated CRMs leading to more personalized service
  • Live chat functionality offering instantaneous response times
  • Accurate reporting gave insight into needed areas of improvement
  • Mobile features allowed for remote access & improved service 

Download our free eBook to learn more about how these technological advances have impacted customer service teams and customer expectations all over the globe, and how your business can prepare for the future. 

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