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3 Unmistakeable Signs You Chose the Wrong Answering Service for Your Law Practice

The Wrong Answering Service:

Time is money for lawyers

In order to increase productivity, lawyers hire answering services to focus more of their energy on billable items. The problem: not all answering services are created equal.

What happens when you realize your answering service is more of a hindrance than a help?

If you still manage client intake or still answer calls from clients after hours, you need a new answering serviceRead on to reveal three unmistakable signs you’ve chosen the wrong answering service for your practice.

Sign 1: The wrong answering service doesnโ€™t perform client intakes.

When you run a small or solo law practice, time is tight; every second of each day really matters. Client intake is a time-consuming, non-billable task that is entirely necessary. One question: if you want to partner with an answering service to boost productivity, why would you choose one that knows nothing about client intake?

An answering service that doesn’t perform client intake or is unequipped to assist law practices simply lacks the wherewithal to gather such important information.

The ideal answering service for lawyers are like client intake superheroes. Here are a few signs youโ€™ve found the right service:

  • Your superhero answering service has a tested client intake process in place;
  • They are willing to tailor the intake information to your needs;
  • Their agents have a proven ability to make the intake process swift while providing an excellent client experience.

When you outsource non-billable administrative tasks, like client intake, you save your firm money and give yourself a giant productivity boost.

Sign 2: They canโ€™t answer your calls on weekends or holidays.

Your firm is open Monday through Friday, but whoโ€™s answering all of those calls coming in over the weekend? Or when your firm closes on federal holidays? If you rely on voicemail to catch those calls, itโ€™s time to reconsider.

It’s a fact: 80 percent of callers who reach voicemail do not leave messages. Lousier still: 85 percent of missed calls will never call back. When you choose an answering service that doesn’t answer your calls on weekends or national holidays, you increase your chances of missed opportunities.

The phone is the first touchpoint for potential clients. Make your client experience exceptional by ensuring someone is taking their calls after your office closes for the day.

Sign 3: Their agents are only available during business hours.

People hunting for an attorney can’t always call during business hours. In fact, many wait until later in the evening to reach out; a majority of people search the web between the hours of 7 and 11 p.m. This is also known as Internet Rush Hour.

Another key stat to remember: 70 percent of searchers call right from the search results.  So, what does that mean if you hire an answering service that doesn’t take calls 24/7? It means you’re missing even more opportunities.

Stop losing potential clients while you sleep. An after-hours answering service helps you connect with more clients than ever before.

I chose the wrong answering service for my law firm. Now what?

Don’t beat yourself up for it! We all make mistakes. The important part is that you learn from those mistakes, becoming more discerning the next time you make a decision for your law practice.

Thinking about choosing a different answering service for your law firm?

PATLive is available 24/7/365 – even on holidays. We have over 33 years of experience working with law firms just like yours. Our client intake process is friendly and swift, helping you create a stellar experience right from the beginning.

Give us a shot! Try PATLiveโ€™s premier answering service for 14 days totally free.

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