The Best Ways a Law Firm Can Answer Phone Calls

Answer with a Polite Greeting

First of all, you want to start off with a polite greeting. Sounds obvious, but if you are a legal practitioner and you are in between various court sessions, client meetings, or are traveling to the next jurisdiction. You may feel hectic yourself. You may feel stressed getting to an appointment on time. So you want to give a reassuring greeting to start off the call the best way for the prospective customer.

Name the Law Firm / Legal Practice

You want to start the phone call with the official greeting of the law firm or legal practice. Imagine if the prospect calls 20 phone numbers and 19 offices give an official greeting such as:

“Welcome to the law firm of Steven Jones & Associates”

“Thank you for calling the Law Firm of XYZ”

But when they call your number, the person answers:

“Hello… how can I help you.”

Imagine you are the one phone call that doesn’t get that official greeting. It will raise red flags for the prospective customer. If everyone else is in even category of professionalism, except for your legal practice. This will guarantee quick red flags for the prospect.

Get Their Contact Info ASAP

Early in the phone conversation, as soon as possible, get the prospect’s phone number and email. Ask the prospect:

“In case we get disconnected can I get a good phone number and email to reach you.”

The prospect may be getting a multitude of phone numbers, from worried relatives, worried spouses, or worried business partners. It will be a hectic time for the prospect. They may have to end your call and take these calls. They may say they will call you back. But as anyone knows, not everyone calls back. At least by getting their contact info you can follow up and not lose the prospect if the phone call gets interrupted 10 percent of the way in.

Be ready to answer questions, pricing, services, etc.

Be prepared to answer the typical questions in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. No one wants to hear confusing pricing or confusing information. Speak in an easy-to-understand manner that even an elementary school student would understand.

Answer Calls in a Relaxed & Calm Tone

When you talk to a potential future client. Talk in a calm and reassuring manner. The caller is looking for someone who will guide them through this legal hurdle. They need someone who has done this before. And someone who knows the system, the judges, the jurisdiction, and of course the biggest question in the call. What are the odds the case will be ruled their way? 

Don’t Sound “Too Relaxed” or “Disinterested”

With huge legal consequences at stake and expensive legal fees, the caller wants to know that their case will be handled in the best manner possible. It is good to sound relaxed, but you don’t want to sound “too relaxed” for the customer.

Ask to Schedule a Consultation

You may think the caller wants to schedule a meeting with everyone they call. But you would be wrong. The caller is making many calls and finding out who will be available and who will give them the best representation for the cost. Of course, they are reading reviews, asking for recommendations, but more importantly, they are listening for chemistry.

It is wise to match their speed and tone. If they speak fast and quickly, it would be wise to not speak at turtle speed. If they talk at a low volume it’s probably wise to lower your volume to match their volume.

Make the best first impression you can over the phone. And don’t forget to ask if they want to schedule a meeting. Whether your practice charges a consultation fee or no fee is up to you. Some legal practitioners like to charge for the consultation to see how serious the prospect is about getting representation. Whatever you choose, there will be no meeting if you don’t ask.

Skip all the steps above and hire an answering service

Why torture yourself? And let’s not forget to ask the key question: Is it worth taking very valuable billable hours for working leads that will not pan out?

What is a better solution? Hire an answering service. An answering service can take your calls and handle all of the aspects of capturing information for prospective customers. Which company provides the best legal answering service? That one’s easy. That is PATLive. Don’t believe us? Just read all the five star reviews on Trustpilot. 


You may ask, “Is an answering service worth the cost?” Well, read our ‘In-House Receptionist Versus Answering Service’ price comparison and you’ll see that you could be saving over $28,000 annually. That’s money you can take to the bank.


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