Ways to celebrate customer service week

10 Unique Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week

Take a look around your business. See those folks answering your customers’ calls and solving their problems? Those people are the heroes of your business – the ones who keep your customers happy and help them when issues arise. We have to ask: What have you done for your customer service representatives lately? If your answer was, “nothing,” then it’s time to shine a spotlight on them and show your appreciation. Keep reading for ways to celebrate Customer Service Week with your staff!

Any good business celebrates its customers every day, but this week is all about those hard-working, patient, extremely helpful, and kind representatives taking care of your greatest asset. Celebrating your staff is an easy way to build morale, strengthen their connection with your business, and reduce turnover. It also creates happier customers.

According to a survey conducted by Aon Hewitt, customer service teams deemed as “high-performance zone for engagement” had a 37 percent net promoter score (NPS) compared to 10 percent NPS for teams “outside of high-performance zone for engagement.”

So, what can you do this week to celebrate those awesome customer service reps? Here’s a list of 10 unique ways to celebrate customer service week, show your appreciation, and keep them engaged.

1. A Week of Themed Events

Who doesn’t love a theme party? Daily themed events can be as simple as allowing people to wear specific styles of clothing (Hawaiian shirt day, anyone?), and as elaborate as having themed activities. Here at PATLive, we have a new theme every day. Our employees are encouraged to dress up, and there are fun games and prizes throughout each day.

2. Feature Them on Social Media

Let everyone know just how much you appreciate your customer service experts by featuring them right on your social media accounts. Take a photo of them, do a quick interview and share as a post on all your accounts.

3. Have Lunch Catered All Week

Most people tend to eat the same things for lunch daily, and many bring their lunches from home. Save your staff some time by removing the stress of planning lunch! Pick different restaurants and provide them with lunch all week.

4. Massages

A relaxed employee is a happy employee, and massages will do the trick. Hire students from a massage school to do 10-minute chair massages throughout the day. Staff can sign up and go at a time that fits into their schedule.

5. Video Game Tournament

Have a large projection screen and a spacious conference room? Make like a tech startup and hold a video game tournament. Whether it’s an active game (think Nintendo Wii) or something more classic, it’s sure to be a hit. Worried video games are a time suck? There’s proof that video games actually increase creativity and happiness in the workplace. Don’t forget to make a bracket!

6. Favorite Things Basket

Create and email a form to your staff for them to fill out including a list of their favorite things. Items can include their favorite gum, soda, a place to shop, candy, lunch spot, or even things like pens. Create a basket with the items they mention and have it on their desk one morning.

7. Pedicures

Right after a massage, a pedicure is the ultimate in pampering. Also, some people find they simply don’t have the time after a long workday to get one done. The answer: bring in some folks from a nail salon to do pedicures in house.

8. Office Olympics

Want to bring out that competitive spirit and drive? Schedule several Olympic events throughout the week that will test their speed and cunning. Popular events include full coffee cup races, speed typing tests of Shakespeare, and dexterity challenges like linking as many paper clips as you can in 30 seconds. Bonus points if you hold an opening ceremony!

9. Hide and Seek

Hide funny objects – fake mustaches and gaudy temporary tattoos – around the office for your staff to find. These items can be turned in as raffle tickets toward a larger prize or the item can be the prize itself. Who doesn’t look awesome in a fake mustache or a temporary tattoo of a bald eagle?

10. Movie Day

If you’re having a slow day, why not bring in a movie for your staff to enjoy? Want to boost morale? Before you play the movie, show a video of your executive staff and top-notch customers complimenting the customer service support. Don’t forget the soda, candy and popcorn!

Even though many of the suggestions above are great ideas for an in-office setting, some of them are easily able to be adapted or expanded upon to suit the needs of remote staff as well. With a touch of creativity you can adopt these ideas and tailor them to celebrate with your team.

Recognizing and appreciating your staff’s efforts should be an ongoing practice, but Customer Service Week offers a fantastic opportunity to spotlight their achievements and enjoy some fun in the process.

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