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5 Worthwhile Ways a Virtual Receptionist Helps You Achieve More

Productivity is a struggle for small business owners. Distractions – like a ringing phone – make it difficult to stay focused and, ultimately, regain that focus. A study by Florida State University found that productivity and performance are at their peak during uninterrupted 90-minute intervals. I know. You’re reading this and thinking, “Where do you expect me to get 90 minutes of uninterrupted time?” But it’s totally possible when you outsource the small tasks that eat up your time. The phone is one of the greatest robbers of productivity for small businesses. Read on to learn five ways a virtual receptionist can help you achieve more on a daily basis.    

Provide Better Customer Service

One of the biggest challenges for a solo entrepreneur or a small team is answering the phone. Things get overwhelming quickly when you have to balance customer needs with your mounting to-do list.

On top of that, it’s just plain frustrating to be interrupted by the phone. If you’re frustrated with the phone, it’s impossible to provide the level of service you want your customers or clients to have.

virtual receptionist takes care of your customers just as you would. Their expertise is customer experience, driving them to create satisfied and happy customers with each call.

Remove Menial Tasks from Your To-Do List

Live answering services are capable of more than ever before. Long gone are the days of only taking messages while managing lunch and after-hours calls. A virtual receptionist takes over your most menial tasks so you can focus on the most important part: running your business.

Hand over your lead collection or client intake processes, your order processing, appointment scheduling, event registrations, FAQ’s and more. A
modern answering service manages all of these for you.

Increase the Size of Your Team

Hiring new employees helps your business become more efficient and get more done. Yet, new hires don’t always fit within the confines of a tight budget.

Whether you run your business on your own or have a small team, adding a reputable
virtual receptionist increases the size of your team without paying another full-time salary.

Fewer Action Items Fall Through the Cracks

How many times have you come across a long, lost sticky note? And they’re always in the strangest places: stuck to the inside of a trash can, tucked inside a date book, at the bottom of a desk drawer.

Writing things down is great. Sticky notes also have their place. But if you find yourself losing opportunities because of a wayward sticky note (or buried emails and voicemails), it’s time to consider outsourcing some of those general office tasks.

Virtual receptionists deliver your messages to you in real-time. At
PATLive, our receptionists send them directly to your inbox so you can handle them when you’re ready.

Free Up More of Your Time

How long had it been since you took an hour-long lunch break? Or went an entire evening (or vacation) without answering your customers’ calls?

With a
24/7 answering service, you can get back to enjoying more of your life. Sleep, revisit your old hobbies, take up a crazy sport, hang out with your family, focus on networking. Whatever you choose to do, you will have peace of mind knowing your phones are covered.

Virtual receptionist services help you create the business you’ve always hoped for. Not only do they help you provide an amazing customer experience, but they make you (and your team) more productive. That mountain of small tasks adds up. When you take them off your plate, your business will thrive.  

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