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5 Resources That Will Make Every Real Estate Investor’s Job Easier

To say real estate investors are busy is a gross understatement. Agents are constantly rushing to appointments with partners or to show one of their available properties or putting out any number of property management fires; it is not a career choice for the timid.

When you have so many things coming at you at once, it can be hard to manage what needs to be done while also staying educated on current industry events. But there are tools to help manage your tasks and keep you informed. 

Here are just a few of the resources that can help real estate investors stay on top of their game and always in front of the next big deal.

1. Live Answer Services

We know. You spend a giant chunk of your time – working or otherwise – on the phone with potential clients or other investors. It can be so easy for calls to get away from you when you’re managing them all on your own. Also, wouldn’t it be great to have someone else handle those after-hours client calls when you’re having a well deserved night out with friends? 

A live receptionist can take all of your calls, pre-qualify prospects, provide property information, and manage yellow letter campaigns. Utilizing a reputable real estate answering service, like PATLive, frees you up to spend more time focusing on making deals rather than screening calls or doling out property details.

2. Legal Documents and Advice

The very nature of real estate keeps its professionals going non-stop. They hardly ever have time to sit down in front of a computer and whip up a legally sound contract or even make time to consult with a lawyer face-to-face for legal advice. This is especially true for the solopreneur investor. 

Enter online legal advice and documents. Sites like LegalZoom and RocketLawyer offer a range of real estate contracts and documents that follow state guidelines and regulations. You can also get legal advice from someone in your area right from your computer. RocketLawyer promises a response within a business day or less.

3. Social Media Management Tool

Not only is the REI community massive on social media, but it’s an ideal place to connect with potential prospects and position yourself as a thought leader amongst those in your industry. 

Tools like SproutSocial and HootSuite are great for measuring analytics, engaging with followers and customer service thought leaders, as well as scheduling posts for optimal times. Social media is an important component of staying connected, but it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. Find a management tool that works for your business and get to posting!

4. Task Management

An investor has so much going on throughout the day, it seems borderline impossible to store every to-do item in their brain. It’s time for you to check out a task management tool.

For managing every aspect of a to-do-list, something more robust, like OmniFocus, is going to be your best bet. Want a stylish and clean interface? ToDoist and Trello are free, cross-platform options. Do you have a team to manage? is great for team project management. A tool to help you wrangle and tick off tasks will keep you ultra-organized and looking professional.

5. BiggerPockets

Being on top of trends and getting educated is just one component of being a real estate investor; you gain an advantage by staying ahead of your competition. And what if you’re new to the world of REI? Enter Bigger Pockets! This online community includes a monstrous amount of helpful content for the REI newbies and professionals alike, including forums where users can connect.

They even have a podcast, too. J and Carol Scott inspire entrepreneurs every Tuesday on the Bigger Pockets Business Podcast. Hosting a variety of guests like in this episode where Ryan Welch – of Breezy Moving – shares his story of how he used his expertise in creating relationships to generate more business than he can handle in the moving industry without spending a dime in advertising. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out Bigger Pockets Business Podcast on AppleSpotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

If you want to be a top real estate investor in your market, you have to give yourself an edge. One of the best ways to put yourself ahead of the pack is to take advantage of the resources available to efficiently manage tasks and stay up to date on industry and market trends. With the right tools in your corner, you can be more productive and focus on what you do best.

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