Case Study: High-Volume Answering Service for Real Estate Investors

Diamond Equity Investments is a real estate investment organization that purchases, renovates, and resells single-family homes, multi-family buildings, commercial properties, and land. Founded by Dan Breslin in 2006, Diamond Equity Investments offers fast and convenient sales for sellers in Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia and their outlying areas. 

Too Many Phone Calls

Diamond Equity Investments began as a one-man show in a single market. Sending mailers with his phone number to express interest in purchasing properties, Dan was answering the phone himself until the call volume exceeded his ability to get to every call in time. 

β€œI was getting too many calls to answer. I needed help.” 

It was clear Dan needed phone support. And, he wanted to use his time closing deals – not taking in lead information every time the phone rang. 

The Trusted Partner for Real Estate Investors

In 2007, Dan hired PATLive to help with lead collection. It went so well, he began to send every call to PATLive’s team of virtual receptionists so he could focus on growing the business. 

And he did exactly that. Today, Diamond Equity Investments has 25 employees and operates in multiple markets across the country. Advertising via direct mail, TV, radio, email, and social media, PATLive answers every inbound lead call for Dan and his team, totaling over 12,000 in 2020 alone.  

β€œWe pretend like PATLive is part of our company. We would have to hire 15-20 full-time receptionists to handle the simultaneous calls PATLive answers for us” 

With over 30 years of experience partnering with real estate investment businesses like Diamond Equities, PATLive’s team of virtual receptionists input lead information into a custom form created by Dan and the call handling team. Dan’s team instantly receives new lead information, so they can act quickly on opportunities.  

The 24/7 Answering Service Solution for Real Estate Investors

Not only do PATLive receptionists save Dan and his team time from answering thousands of calls or hiring and managing in-house receptionists – with a large, remote team of virtual receptionists, PATLive is ready for lead collection 24/7 and regularly captures multiple leads concurrently. 

β€œPATLive has us covered around the clock. They help us capture more deals than we would otherwise.” 

When asked what he would say to a real estate investor considering an answering service, Dan said, 

β€œWe are very happy with PATLive. They have helped us grow into the company we are today.” 

To learn more about how PATLive can serve as an extension of your real estate investment business, give us a call at 800-775-7790 or get started today with a 14 day free trial.  

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