PATLive’s Customer Spotlight: Express Homebuyers

Feb 25, 2016

Express Homebuyers 3 Step Process Live Answer Service Real Estate Investing
Our customers are the force behind the product we provide. Without them, we would still be where we were when PATLive came to fruition. Every couple of months we will highlight some of our most dedicated patrons for business tips and to chat about how live answer has changed the way they do business.

Real estate investors and our live answer services are the perfect pair. There’s not much more we love than seeing a business succeed and gain an unsurpassed service reputation with the help of our friendly agents. Express Homebuyers (EH) is just one of our customers that manage their business more efficiently and connect with more potential sellers because of our live receptionists.

Real estate investors are a busy lot. They are constantly on the phone, driving around to view properties, meeting with potential clients, networking or doing research. Sometimes, it’s impossible for them to take all of their calls. When investors miss calls, they miss opportunities.

That’s why Express Homebuyers put PATLive to work answering their missed calls.

EH is turning the business of selling homes on its head at a rapid pace: the company has a guarantee for providing a quote within seven minutes and a close date after just seven days in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland areas. But CEO Brad Chandler has much grander plans for his real estate business.

Express Homebuyers 3 Step Process Live Answer Service Real Estate Investing

“Our goal(s} are to be the CarMax of residential real estate on a national level,” Chandler said.

With a bevy of stellar customer reviews and a turnaround time that seems too-good-to-be-true, it’s no doubt they will hit their goal.

Express Homebuyers 3 Step Process Live Answer Service Real Estate Investing
Express Homebuyers 3 Step Process Live Answer Service Real Estate Investing

A business with a glowing reputation is only going to excel in its industry; people trust the word of their family and friends. If your business is customer-centric and cares about integrity, it stands to gain new customers at a steady pace.

Chandler and his associates place a high priority on their service levels and it shows. Outlined in their values, the team at EH strives for the following:

Success is the only option.
Live a determined, driven and dedicated life
Embrace challenges and get the job done.
Do what’s right.
Humility and Confidence
It’s about the team, not the person.
Believe that you can achieve what you set your mind to.
No arrogance: leave ego at the door.
Be vulnerable
No one is perfect; accept criticism.
If There is a Problem, Fix It
Take responsibility for your actions.
Proactively identify and solve issues, big or small.
When mistakes are made, admit them, fix them and don’t repeat them.
Learn and Improve
Endeavor to be great in all areas.
Success will be had through constant learning and innovation.
Work smarter, not harder.
Communicate openly and resolve issues quickly.
Work-life Balance
Family comes first.

It’s this value system that has helped Chandler to build the real estate investing company he’s dreamed of since he became obsessed with the industry at only 9-years-old. It helps drive their service standards while also driving employee engagement.

As their business expands and the dream of being nationally recognized has become a greater possibility, there was a downside to that growth: it’s the masses against the few. According to Chandler, this is where PATLive comes in. With an influx of missed calls and clients avoiding voicemail, it was important that EH add in a human element.

“[One of our biggest pain points was] answering all calls live and not sending them to voicemail,” Chandler said. But our knowledgable live receptionists have helped to turn that around.

“Now, if we can’t answer a call in three or four rings, it rolls to PATLive and they talk directly with the potential client. Our connect rate with potential clients has increased dramatically.”

Our talented scripting team also assisted EH in building a script that would maximize information from their potential clients, and Chandler has found the most successful script is one that really gets to the heart of the matter by “getting to the person’s real issue and then offering a solution to it.”

In addition to refining a script to make it more successful and ensuring they never miss a lead, Chandler said he appreciates that PATLive acts on customer feedback.

“They are very responsive to suggestions on how to improve their services,” Chandler said. He then added he wished we did outbound calling, too (sorry!).

It’s important that real estate investors are getting all of their calls, and a live receptionist is a great way to ensure you aren’t missing a single lead. Chandler also had some awesome advice for folks who are new to the world of investing:

  1. You can buy real estate at below market prices.
  2. Markets can change dramatically and that you must be ready – don’t be over leveraged with debt.
  3. Cash flow is way more important than profit.
  4. Proper and aggressive follow up on leads is critical.
  5. The sooner you can get a prospect on the phone and get their information, the better chance you have of closing the purchase of the home.

We love working with businesses that strive to make things easier for people by revolutionizing how things get done. Express Homebuyers is one of those businesses. Learn more about how Express Homebuyers works by visiting their site. Check them out on social media, too!


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