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Oct 2, 2015

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It takes a special type of person to offer exceptional customer service. At PATLive, taking care of our customers and callers is our number one priority. Not only do we want to give our customers top notch service, but we are trusted to provide that amazing customer service for other companies with our live answer services.

Our agents constantly maintain a positive disposition regardless of the challenges that sometimes arise as a customer service representative. Since we know this job can’t be done by just anyone, PATLive likes to recognize agents on a monthly basis through our Star of the Month Program. We nominate agents who consistently go above and beyond to service our customers. This month, our Star is Kenniese Franklin. We interviewed Kenniese to try and get the answers to that burning question: what makes someone a great customer service rep?

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What was life like for you pre-PATLive?
Prior to PATLive, I often felt like one of very few staff members who genuinely cared for my customers. I was the one who took my job “too seriously.” In July of 2014 however, I was invited to join an entire team of focused and dedicated customer care representatives.

What was your first day like at PATLive?
At the time I was almost thrown off by the immense amount of PATLive pride. I mean honestly, how many people can say they love their job…and actually mean it? A year later though, I’m just as proud a PAT…I’m the one with the big hair, to be exact.

What are you most known for by your peers in the answering center?
The bush atop my head makes me easy to locate in the answering center. The days I decide on French braids or a lower ponytail, I’m as good as invisible. I’ve actually had coworkers walk right past me searching for an afro. It’s quite entertaining.

What’s your favorite part about working here?
If I had to choose one thing to thank my job for, it would easily be the friendships born here. In fact, I met a hero at PATLive. For the first time I was made 100% comfortable sharing my uncanny vision and spacey ideas. They were challenged and simultaneously praised. I was encouraged to see them all the way through and reminded that what I make of my unique experience could one day touch others the way some of my favorite work has touched me. For that PAT, I thank you!

Keep up the good work Kenniese! At PATLive, our awesome agents are the reason our customers keep coming back for more. What are some ways you recognize your top notch customer service providers? Share in the comments below.


Jamie Nichols

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