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100% US-based Answering Services • Casual Fridays REI’s Proven Call Script • Special Pricing for Casual Fridays REI Associates

Casual Fridays REI + PATLive = a supercharged call program & discounted pricing

Get access to Casual Fridays REI’s proven investment call script and our 24/7 virtual receptionist services at a special Casual Fridays REI price.

100% US receptionists, expertly trained on Casual Fridays REI’s proven call script

With the best receptionists and the best script, you get the best results. And with Casual Fridays REI + PATLive, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Our team of 24/7 virtual receptionists takes pride in providing outstanding service for every caller with a smile that you can hear. We’ll answer and follow the Casual Fridays REI script to the T, so you can get the most from your calls.

Special discounted pricing only for Casual Fridays REI associates

Along with Casual Fridays REI’s special call script, you’ll also get 10% off any plan for as long as you’re a customer.

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Great apps and integrations

With PATLive, you not only get the best receptionists – you also get the best apps, so you can stay in sync with your calls from anywhere.

Get new leads instantly by email or push notification, and take advantage of call reports that help you visualize patterns and spot trends.

Need even more? Check out our integrations to learn how we can work directly in your software.

The apps and integrations you can use with our answering service.

Save 10% on all our plans with Casual Fridays REI’s special pricing

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✔️ Only pay for live talk time.

✔️ Top-rated virtual receptionists.

✔️ No contracts or commitments.

Explore all we can do on your calls

For over 33 years, our live receptionists have been helping businesses deliver what every caller wants – a live person and helpful service.

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