Voicemail Boxes

Here’s how voicemail boxes work with your PATLive services…

Every Plan Includes One Voicemail Box

If you’d prefer for our receptionists to send callers to voicemail instead of taking a message, we have you covered – every plan we offer includes one voicemail box.


Callers Are Only Sent to Voicemail When You Ask

Whether you use voicemail is completely up to you. We’ll never send your callers to voicemail unless you expressly direct us to in your call handling instructions or in a verbal request when we’re attempting to transfer a caller to you.

Get Your Voicemails by Email or Via Our Apps

If you do opt to use voicemail, you’ll receive your voicemails just like your messages. After each call, we’ll email a copy of the voicemail, or we’ll notify you of the new voicemail in our web and mobile apps.

Use voicemail as a seamless part of your PATLive services.
If you don’t want callers to go to voicemail, we’ll never use it.
Receive voicemails alongside your other leads & messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have voicemail, why would I want a voicemail box with PATLive?

Sending callers to your PATLive voicemail box keeps your business and personal voicemails separate. Plus, you’ll have access to your voicemails alongside your messages, leads and other information we’re collecting from callers all in one place with our easy-to-use web and mobile apps.

Can I customize my voicemail greeting?

Absolutely. You can even take advantage our voice talent team to have a professional-sounding custom greeting recorded for your voicemail.

Why don’t larger plans include more than one voicemail box?

We understand the need for additional voicemail boxes for individual employees and departments, but unfortunately, we’re not able to offer them at the moment. Stay tuned for updates, though – we plan to add this functionality in the near future.