Message Taking

When you’re not available, we’ll take a message or send callers to voicemail.

Control Your Availability with Your Status

With your real-time status, we always know when you’re available to take calls and when you want us to take a message. Simply update your status in the web or mobile apps, and your receptionists will instantly adjust how they’re handling your calls.

We’ll Take a Message When You’re Busy

When you’re not available, we’ll collect the caller’s name, company, title, phone number and email address, as well as a detailed account of the caller’s message. And with Starter plan and up, we can add custom fields to your message template to ensure we collect specific information that you want from the caller.

Or Send Callers to Voicemail If You Prefer

If you value the personal experience of a live receptionist but also want the option to allow callers to leave a voicemail, we can certainly accommodate this. All PATLive plans come with one voicemail box that your live receptionists can transfer callers to.

Get Your Messages Instantly by Email or App

When you receive a new message, we’ll send an email, text or notification in our web and mobile apps with the call details and message. We also have an option to send your messages as a daily email if you prefer to receive them once a day instead of after each call.

Our receptionists are always available – even on holidays.
Live message taking gives a personal feel to every call.
Customize your message form to get the info you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my calls to PATLive?

When you sign up for service, we’ll provide a local or toll-free phone number. You can either advertise this number directly, or you can forward your calls to it from your current number. Forward calls all the time, or only at certain times.

Can calls ring to me first and then rollover to PATLive if I don’t answer?

Yes, with our FindMe feature, we can try to reach you at up to four different numbers before calls rollover to your PATLive receptionists.

Do calls go to me when my status is set to Available?

One of our live receptionists will always answer your calls first, but when your status is set to Available, we’ll attempt to transfer callers to you when directed to do so in your call handling instructions and/or when callers request to speak with you.

Can I have my calls handled differently across each of the six Unavailable statuses?

Yes, in addition to Available, there are six Unavailable statuses (At Lunch, Away from Desk, In a Meeting, Do Not Disturb, Gone Home and Out of Office) that you can use. Just let us know what you’d like us to do when you’re in each status, and we’ll ensure receptionists handle your calls accordingly.

Can I customize the info you collect when you take a message?

Yes, on Starter plan and up, you can add custom fields to your message template to ensure you get the exact information you need from callers.

Can you enter messages directly into my CRM or other software?

Yes, we can input messages into into any web-based software you’d like us to use.

My calls will never be sent to voicemail unless I ask you to, right?

Correct, 100% of your calls will be answered by one of our live receptionists, and we will never send your callers to voicemail unless you direct us to.

However, sometimes customers want their callers to be able to leave a voicemail instead of relaying a message, so we offer both options.