Convert your Ehlen Analytics leads with a great deal on 24/7 live answering services

100% US-based Answering Services β€’ Ehlen Analytics’ Proven Process β€’ Special Pricing for Ehlen Analytics clients

Ehlen Analytics + PATLive = An Opportunity for Growth

By combining Ehlen Analytics proven process for generating leads and PATLive’s 24/7 virtual receptionist services, you can maximize the conversion of potential customers, and ensure that your brand and reputation are both protected and elevated to a higher level.

100% US receptionists, expertly trained on your custom call handling instructions

With the best receptionists and the best script, you get the best results. Ehlen Analytics can provide you a stream of quality leads, but how can you be sure those leads are being handled properly?

Our team of 24/7 virtual receptionists are always here to provide a human response, and we take pride in our ability to follow your instructions accurately, while also providing service with a smile.

Special discounted pricing with our PATLive's affiliate rates.

Save time and money with improved logistics and conversion metrics

Time is money, but don’t sacrifice your customer experience because you are too busy to answer a call. Let us handle it for you.

The same great service we provide on phone calls, now available via live chat

Whether you need us to handle scheduling, lead collection, message taking, general support, or sales inquiries, web chats make it possible with just a click on your website.

We’ll provide an easy to install code snippet to put on your website and your customers will see a chat widget that connects them right to one of our virtual receptionists.

The apps and integrations you can use with our answering service.

Great apps and integrations

With PATLive, you not only get the best receptionists – you also get the best apps, so you can stay in sync with your calls from anywhere.

Get new leads instantly by email or push notification, and take advantage of call reports that help you visualize patterns and spot trends.

Need even more? Check out our integrations to learn how we can work directly in your software.

Save 5% on all our plans with Ehlen Analytics’s special pricing

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Live Call Answering PlansLive Web Chat Plans
per month
  • Includes 75 minutes
  • $1.82/add’l minute
  • 1 phone number
ο€… Standard Most Popular!
per month
  • Includes 200 minutes
  • $1.56/add’l minute
  • 3 phone numbers
per month
  • Includes 350 minutes
  • $1.40/add’l minute
  • 3 phone numbers
per month
  • Includes 600 minutes
  • $1.30/add’l minute
  • 5 phone numbers
per month
  • Includes 10 chats
  • $10/add’l chat
ο€… Standard Most Popular
per month
  • Includes 30 chats
  • $9/add’l chat
per month
  • Includes 50 chats
  • $8/add’l chat
per month
  • Includes 100 chats
  • $7/add’l chat

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