Call Transfers

We'll make sure you get your most important calls without having to answer the phone every time it rings.

Transfer the calls you want to answer

Call transfer services are a great way to make sure you receive your most important calls while maintaining a busy schedule. Whether you want to be reachable while you're out of the office, need help managing high call volumes, or simply want to make sure your callers connect with the right person at the right time, live call transfers can help you focus on what matters most.

No longer worry about missing those important phone calls.

All of our highly-trained agents are based in Tallahassee, FL.

Transfer calls 24/7 according to your work schedule.

Who uses call transfer services?

Call transfers are helpful for individuals, organizations, and businesses who want to personally answer their most important calls without having to answer the phone every time it rings. Attorneys, healthcare providers, and business professionals are some of those who rely on call transfer services, but call transfers can also help callers connect with technicians, managers, or customer support staff. The cost-savings of call transfers and answering services make them ideal for small businesses.

How it works

Your call transfer preferences are customized for your business and built into your PATLive call script. You decide which scenarios require a call transfer, and our professionally trained agents follow your instructions to the letter. If you'd like more control over your transfers, we can place your callers on hold while we contact you. Or we can provide direct transfers of all calls for a designated period of time.

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It's been great to finally have a way to only answer the calls that matter most to my clinic. PATLive does a great job of handling all of my calls and transferring only the call types and numbers that I have pre-selected.

Dr. Samantha Green, Southwood Animal Hospital

Better business with call transfers

PATLive agents can help you make the most of every business opportunity. We'll make sure that warm calls, prospects, and sales leads are connected to the right members of your team, right away. In addition, PATLive agents can provide information to your other callers, take messages, and manage order processing and payments for customers who are ready to make a purchase.

More than a machine

Call transferring lets you manage your time while making sure your callers get the attention they deserve. No more frustrated customers or missed connections: each call is answered quickly and professionally by a live receptionist. While automated call forwarding services are cold and impersonal, PATLive agents provide the quality of care that can only come from speaking to a real person. And it's available for far less than the cost of hiring your own receptionist.

Beyond call transfers

For calls that aren't transferred, PATLive provides a complete answering service solution for your business. Our agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure all your calls are answered, no matter when the phone rings. Start a free trial today to see how call transfers can help you make the right connections right now.

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