Call Screening

You decide what calls are important enough for you to answer and we'll take care of the rest.

24/7 call screening with a personal touch

A great advantage of our call screening service is that all your callers will be greeted by a live friendly person and not your voicemail. This will make your existing customers and potential clients feel important and gives your business a great first impression. You can focus on running your business while we take care of the phone calls.

Spend more time on your business and less time on the phone.

Transfer the most important calls to you and your team.

Take calls according to your work schedule.

How does it work?

With PATLive's 24/7 call screening you simply tell us what type of calls are most important to you and your team. Our state of the art system will let our agents know about your call screening preferences, so we'll only transfer the callers you request. You can simply choose to accept the call and we'll transfer it to you. Or you can decline the call, and our agents can take a message or send the caller to a voicemail. Plus you can update your lists whenever you like, so your call screening preferences are never out of date.

Take calls when you want

With round the clock service, PATLive's team of live receptionists can answer your calls whenever you want. Most businesses prefer us to answer all of their calls 24/7 but only transfer the most important calls during work hours. This means you'll never miss another important call during the day, but you'll free up your weekends and evenings for the other things in your life.

With PATLive screening our calls for us, we now have more time in the day to spend on things that truly matter most to our business while knowing important calls and emergencies will be transferred to the right person every time.

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No more wasted time on the phone

Let's face it, answering your own phone is often not a productive use of your time. Your time is better spent running your business and taking care of your customers. And it's not expensive to start having a professional screen your business calls for you. You can get all the benefits of an in-house receptionist at a fraction of the price.

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More than you might think

PATLive is much more than just a call screening service. We can do anything an in-house receptionist can do — but at a much more affordable price. We can take messages, answer your calls after hours, collect leads, or even process your orders.

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