After Hours Coverage

Never miss another phone call. We can take your calls when you're not available.

An affordable 24/7 answering service

Your company has business hours, but so do your prospects, customers, and clients. Are you forcing customers to squeeze in calls on their lunch breaks? Or missing sales opportunities because prospects on the West Coast don't realize you're on the East Coast? After-hours answering services ensure that you'll never miss another call, and PATLive's industry-leading 24/7 service captures every opportunity to make a great first impression, build a client relationship, or capture a lead.

We take your calls 24/7/365—nights, weekends, and even during the holidays.

All of our highly-trained receptionists are based in Tallahassee, FL.

Your customers receive the same professional, courteous service no matter the time of day.

Turn missed phone calls into customers

Did you know that 80% of callers will not leave a voicemail and often will call a competitor instead? Prospects and customers who initiate a call will convert 30% faster. You don't want to miss these opportunities.

Whether it's because of conflicting schedules or time zone disparities, potential business is calling when your business is closed. Our 24/7 call answering service will capture leads on any time frame and in any time zone. With custom scripting, integration with your existing CMS, and highly trained U.S.-based receptionists, your after-hours callers will get the kind of service that turns calls into customers.

Provide 24/7 after-hours customer service

PATLive is always open, so you don't have to be. Opportunity knocks at all hours, so your business needs to be ready to answer. While your competition may send their customers and prospects to an after-hours voicemail, the team at PATLive will make sure your customers are cared for 24/7, 365 days of the year. And all phone calls are answered within 20 seconds, day or night, so your callers will never be left on hold.

75% of customers believe that a phone call is the most effective way to get a response from a business. Having customer service available 24/7 dramatically improves customer experience and retention rates. With a 24-hour answering service, your help desk is always available.

At PATLive, customer service is more than our specialty: it's our passion. With decades of experience, our professional receptionists know how to deliver exceptional customer service, day or night.

Now that we have PATLive's 24/7 answering service in place, we are setting more appointments. No more missed calls during the lunch hour, after hours or when we are just too busy to answer the phone.

Dr. Todd Blackford, Gentle Smile Dentistry

Do you need an after-hours answering service?

In a competitive market, it's more important than ever to provide personalized service at every opportunity. A 24/7 answering service allows your business to maximize contact with new and existing clients while controlling overhead.

After-hours answering services are especially important for your business when:

  • Your clients work the same, or similar, hours as you.
  • A portion of your client or prospect base is in another time zone.
  • Your customer base is largely consumers, who use your product or services in the evenings.

Who uses after-hour answering support?

Attorneys, law offices, and legal services Prospects will know your firm is trustworthy when they are able to talk to someone anytime of the day or night. We can provide information, set appointments, and schedule consultations.

Technical Support Technical emergencies can strike at any hour, and your customers can't always wait for business hours to get help. We connect with your clients 24/7 to provide the best customer service.

Service Providers Make sure your customers feel heard and get their questions and issued addressed promptly, 24/7.

Hospitality Calls can come any time of day or night. Make sure guests and travelers are taken care of 24/7.

Healthcare providers, dentists, and chiropractors Patients feel more at ease when they are able to get answers, talk to a physician, and schedule appointments immediately. Our receptionists follow your custom scripts and can forward after-hours calls directly to a physician in case of an emergency.

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