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Infographic: Maneuvering 5 Difficult Customer Personalities

All small business owners have their bugaboos. Some may be terrible at following a budget or tracking finances. Another may avoid marketing like the plague, while others may have a tough time managing a difficult customer.

Do complaining customers freak you out? Does it drive you crazy when your customers are overly agreeable? Or if a lead is hesitant to purchase your product?

It takes all kinds to make this old world go ’round. There are as many personalities as there are people, but some of those personalities can be particularly tough to please. Of course, it isn’t possible to make everyone happy at the same time, but there are ways to maneuver sticky situations with a difficult customer.

Accountability, patience and a little dose of charm (is it clear I’m from the south?) can really help smooth over a rough patch with a customer. The infographic below highlights five personality types and solutions for providing awesome service based on their characteristics. These types include:

The Complainer

A business’s greatest ally, this customer has a lot to be unhappy about and you’re going to hear all about it.

The Overly Agreeable

These types will yes you to death and you never get to the root of their issues.

The Expert

They know way more about your product than you do. Trust.

The Pessimist

There’s a dark side to every solution. Well, the pessimist believes that’s true.

The Staller

Hard to convince and hesitant, the staller can be a major toughie.

Ready to high-five the complainer or close a deal with the staller? Check out our infographic to learn more about maneuvering the toughest customer personalities around.

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