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It all comes down to our people

When people ask us what makes PATLive stand out from other companies, our number one answer is always our team. Sure, we have great technology and a powerful call scripting platform, but it's our people that ultimately set us apart with a level of service that you just won't find anywhere else.


Our approach is simple

Hire the Best

1Hire the best and the brightest.

To deliver amazing experiences on every phone call, you need amazing people. So what do we look for in new hires? A great attitude, a strong sense of professionalism, and most importantly the kind of person that will treat every caller like a VIP. This is a high standard to maintain (on average we hire fewer than 1 in 50 applicants), but it makes all the difference in the world in the level of service we're able to deliver.

Empower with training

2Empower our team with awesome training.

After recruiting and hiring the best team members, PATLive then works hard to ensure that every agent is prepared to correctly and confidently handle any situation callers might throw their way. To achieve this, we put every agent through a minimum of a two week training class, followed by 20 hours of shadowing before they ever answer their first call. And that's just for new agents. More senior agents that are assigned to complex accounts are brought back into the classroom for up to three weeks of additional training.

Armed with top-notch technology

3Arm our agents with top-notch technology.

We could have the best team and training in the world, but if we didn't arm them with the right tools, we'd be holding our people back. That's why, at PATLive, we believe it's critical that we're supporting our customers with the absolute best in both people and technology. From the custom-built scripting software that tells our agents what to say on each call, to the supporting tools that agents use to communicate with leads and one another, our technology is second to none. And it shows. Put our agents up against the competition, and you'll find that our team is better equipped to handle your calls exactly the way you want us to.

Coach for success

4Coach them for success and growth.

And finally, it comes down to our stance on quality monitoring and continuous improvement. Whether an agent has been with us for six months or six years, they engage in bi-weekly coaching sessions that are customized to their unique strengths and opportunities for improvement. But across the board, the goal is always the same: to ensure that every call we answer is handled with that perfect blend of friendliness, professionalism, and business savvy that PATLive is known for.

Our customers love us

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