Answering service for Electricians

24/7/365 live call answering services for electrical services contractors.

Live call answering for your electrical contracting business

Our virtual receptionists serve as an extension of your team, greeting every caller with a fast answer and friendly service.

24/7 call answering

In todayโ€™s world, prospective customers and current clients expect to be able to reach someone anytime the need arises. If your business is still trying to operate with limited weekday hours โ€“ or if youโ€™re finding yourself unable to answer the phone every time it rings, let us help you go truly 24/7/365 with our live answering service.

Friendly and professional call center agents ready to help your small business.
Web and mobile app for to assist electrician with their virtual receptionist

Flexible call handling

Weโ€™ll help you customize how your calls are answered so you get the type of support you need, and you can use our services in the way that makes sense for you  โ€“ from full-time to just sometimes.

Our receptionists work just like an in-office receptionist, transferring calls when youโ€™re available and taking messages when youโ€™re not, and we can also help with lead collectionappointment scheduling and more.

Powerful apps

With our apps, youโ€™ll be amazed how similar your answering service experience is to the one youโ€™d have with an in-office receptionist. Update your status to instantly change how receptionists are handling your calls, and receive emails, texts and push notifications that keep you updated on your calls.

The apps and integrations you can use with our answering service.
Answering service agents who will assist your electrical contracting service in answering after hours calls.

A trusted partner for your electrical business

Weโ€™ve been working with electricians and electrical services contractors for over three decades, so we know whatโ€™s important to your electrical business and will help you make a great impression on every call.


Customize how calls are answered to meet your needs.


Impress callers with friendly, personal service on every call.


Plans start at just $205/mo, with no contracts or commitments.

Explore all we can do for you

24/7 call answering services that help your electrical contracting business make the most of every phone call.