How Our Answering Services Work

Your on-demand team of over 150 virtual receptionists.

Getting Started with PATLive Is Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Getting up and running with PATLive is fast and easy. In most cases, we can begin answering calls for your business in as little as 24 hours.
Configure Your Script
When you start service, we'll help you setup a "call script" to provide our agents with detailed instructions on how to handle your calls.
We Start Answering Your Phone Calls
Once your script goes live, our team of over 150 agents is ready to begin acting as a seamless extension of your business around the clock.
You Begin Receiving Call Summaries
After each call (or daily if you prefer), we'll send you the message, lead or confirmation relevant to the action we performed on the call.

You Have Complete Control From "Hello" to "Goodbye"

With the most flexible call scripting software in the industry, you're in complete control. Have our agents do as little or as much as you prefer, and rest easy knowing that you have PATLive's award-winning team of virtual receptionists representing your business like it was our own - every time the phone rings.
small business female on laptop

How Do I Get My Calls to PATLive?

It's easy to get your calls to PATLive. We provide a new phone number with all our plans. You can either advertise this number directly, or if you already have a number that you want to use, you can forward it to your PATLive number one of three ways:

  • Forward your calls to PATLive all the time
  • Forward your calls to PATLive as needed
  • Forward your calls on a ring-no-answer basis (calls will automatically rollover to PATLive if you don't answer after 3 rings)
Live Receptionist female on phone call

Who Will Be
Answering My Calls?

PATLive's team of over 150 highly-trained and experienced agents answer every call from our state-of-the-art contact center in Florida. To learn more about what makes our team the best, visit our virtual receptionists page.

remote worker on computer accessing answering service messages

How Do I Receive
Details from My Calls?

We offer 3 convenient ways for you to receive your messages, leads, and confirmations relevant to the actions we perform on your calls:

  • Real-time Call Summaries - Receive an email and/or SMS message after each call.
  • Daily Batched Call Summaries - Receive a call summaries CSV by email daily.
  • Native Application - Have our agents enter caller info directly into your CRM, eCommerce, scheduling or ticketing system.
small business workers using answering services

Who Uses PATLive's
Answering Services?

PATlive's answering service works great for businesses and industries of all types and sizes. Whether you're a law firm or a startup, a big business or a tiny one, our agents have the training and experience to help your business make a great impression every time the phone rings.

Our People Make the Difference

When people ask us what makes PATLive stand out from other companies, our number one answer is always our team. Sure, we have great technology and a powerful call scripting platform, but it's our people that ultimately set us apart with a level of service that you just won't find anywhere else.
Female Live Receptionist Jamie
"I woke up like this."
Jamie L.
Male Live Receptionist Cedric
"First in line for office birthday cake."
Cedric H.
Female Live Receptionist Alison
"Coach of the Blue Team!"
Alison C.
Female Live Receptionist Lovely
"Enthusiastic, pizza loving Virgo!"
Lovely R.
Female Live Receptionist Caroline
"Fitness enthusiast, not afraid of taking risks."
Caroline D.
Male Live Receptionist Everton
"Loves all sports and the outdoors."
Everton B.
Female Live Receptionist Anessa
"Big time problem solver, loves building relationships"
Anessa C.
Male Live Receptionist Alex
"Team player and master planner."
Alex A.
Male Live Receptionist Juan
"Great eye for detail, nothing gets past me."
Paul N.
Female Live Receptionist Shannon
"Loves arts and crafts, yoga, and being a dog mom."
Shannon M.
Female Live Receptionist Rhonda
"Florida native, hates cold weather."
Rhonda P.
Female Live Receptionist Daniela
"Volunteers as much as possible, also loves art."
Daniela C.
Female Live Receptionist Nikki
"Stay positive and go with the flow."
Nikki K.
Female Live Receptionist Gen
"Energetic, bilingual and really into computers."
Gen L.
Male Live Receptionist John
"Critical thinker, always asking questions."
John M.
Female Live Receptionist Audri
"Friendly, never met a stranger."
Audri C.
Male Live Receptionist Darius
"Great at handstands and making friends."
Darius B.
Female Live Receptionist Vera
"Grandmother of 9. Loves the outdoors."
Vera G.
Female Live Receptionist Tearanni
"Video gamer and loves meeting new people."
Tearanni W.
Male Live Receptionist Mike
"Really into baseball and free food."
Mike T.
Female Live Receptionist Alison
"Learning to cook, reads a book a week."
Alison M.
Male Live Receptionist Trey
"Into music and all things creative."
Trey S.
Female Live Receptionist Jade
"Fashion forward and a great bargain hunter."
Jade W.
Female Live Receptionist Mary
"Kind-hearted people person."
Mary G.
Female Live Receptionist Cheyenne
"Obsessed with true crime podcasts."
Cheyenne L.
Male Live Receptionist Bobby
"Amateur baker and bikes around the world."
Bobby A.
Female Live Receptionist Muscie
"Organization and making lists brings me pure joy."
Muscie G.
Female Live Receptionist Veronica
"Helping others is my favorite thing to do."
Veronica C.
Female Live Receptionist Megan
"Avid yogi, 2 dogs and a cat named Squirrel."
Megan G.

More Than Just an Answering Service