How Our Virtual Receptionists Work

Put the power of 24/7 live call answering to work for your business.

Configure Your Call Handling Instructions

You have complete control from “hello” to “goodbye.”

We’ll Answer Just Like You Would

Callers will think we’re a member of your team, not your answering service.

You’ll Receive a Summary of Each Call

We’ll keep you updated on every call with an email, text or via our apps.

Call handling example from virtual assistant we app.

Flexible Call Handling

PATLive virtual receptionists are designed to work as a seamless extension of your business and are trained and equipped to help with many of the same things an in-house employee would.

We’ll help you customize how your calls are answered so you get the type of support you need, and you can use our services in the way that makes sense for you  – from full-time to just sometimes.

Powerful Apps

With our apps, you’ll get all the benefits of an in-office team, virtually. Update your status to instantly change how receptionists are handling your calls, and receive emails, texts and push notifications that keep you updated. And with our library of integrations, we can even work directly in the software your business already uses for scheduling, CRM and more.

Web and mobile apps for your virtual receptionist.
Virtual receptionists and call statistics.

Powerful Apps That Help Us Do More for You

We’ve been in business for thirty-one years and answer over two million calls annually, so we know a thing or two about providing great service on phone calls. Let us help your business stand out with what every caller wants – a real live person and helpful service, 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up for service, we’ll provide a local or toll-free phone number. You can either advertise this number directly, or you can forward your calls to it from your current number. Forward calls all the time, or only at certain times.

Yes, with our FindMe feature, we can try to reach you at up to four different numbers before calls rollover to your PATLive receptionists.

Absolutely. You can use an existing number with our services in either of two ways:

1) Simply forward your calls to the phone number that we provide when you start service – you can forward calls all the time or just sometimes.

2) Or port your number into our platform – we’ll receive 100% of your calls while your number is hosted on our platform, and you can port it back out anytime.

Just like a front-office receptionist, our receptionists will greet callers with a fast answer and friendly service, patching calls through when you’re available and taking a message when you’re not. And that’s just the basics.

We can also help with providing general service and product info, lead collection, appointment scheduling, order processing and more so callers get the help they need without having to wait on a callback.

We hire only the best customer service professionals, all located right here in the United States.

When we take a message or perform an action on your behalf, we’ll keep you updated with an email, text or push notification in our web and mobile apps.

Give us a call at 800-775-7790 or email [email protected] and member of our team will be happy to help you modify any aspect of how your calls are being handled.