How Our Phone Answering Services Work

Learn everything from how you send us your calls to what our virtual receptionists can do for your business.

Working with PATLive
easy as 1 - 2 - 3

With PATLive's 24/7 answering service, you can greet every caller with a friendly, professional virtual receptionist.

1Customer places call to your business
2PATLive takes call as your business
3PATLive agent follows your script

You have complete
from “Hello”
to “Goodbye”


How do I get my calls to PATLive?

There are 4 easy and flexible ways for you to get your phone calls ringing into our contact center:

Forward your current number to PATLive 24/7

Forward your current number to PATLive after 3 unanswered rings

Forward your current number to PATLive at scheduled times as needed

Port your current number into PATLive

Alternatively, we can provide you with a new number if you do not have a current one that you want to use.


Who will be answering my calls?

PATLive's team of over 150 virtual receptionists answer every call from our state-of-the-art facility in Tallahassee, FL.

100% US Agents • Over 80 Hours of Training per Agent
Friendly, Professional Attitudes • Bilingual Available


How do PATLive agents know what to say?

PATLive's proprietary call scripting software allows our agents to sound just like a member of your own team.


What actions can you perform on my calls?

PATLive can do more than just sound like a member of your team, we can take many, if not all, of the same actions you would.


How do I receive details about the actions taken on my calls?

After we answer and handle the call per your directions, we'll provide a synopsis with as little or as much detail as you request.

Native Application

PATLive agents can work directly in your web-based CRM, eCommerce platform or ticketing system. You'll receive the same notifications and details as if you had takent he action yourself.

Real-time Call Summaries

Elect to receieve an email and/or SMS message immediately following each call with a summary of the action(s) taken and the infomration collected from the caller.

Daily Batched Call Summaries

Alternatively, receive a daily email with a CSV attachment detailing all of the calls answered in the prior day.

All of your call summaries can go to the same email address or we can direct information from specific actions to different people or teams.

Answering service help desk support for any size business

Who uses PATlive's
answering service?

PATlive's answering service works great for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you're a home contractor, attorney, dentist, chiropractor, accountant, or retailer, we've been answering phones for our customers for nearly 30 years. And with our 24/7 service, you'll never miss another phone opportunity again.

A trusted answering
service since 1990

PATLive has decades of experience delivering high-quality, high-touch answering services for a wide range of clients, including law firms, home services, real estate, health care, and professional services, among many other industries. Our agents in Tallahassee, FL answer over 2M calls annually, but don't think you'll be just another number. We understand how important every call is to your business and will develop a program that meets your unique needs no matter what line of business you're in.

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