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Now includes a business phone system by

The Perfect Combination

The Perfect Combination

Recommended Partner:

An experienced answering service trusted by Ron since 1995.

Phone Numbers:

Your first 6 numbers are included. Add or delete phone numbers at any time.

100% US:

PATLive’s friendly and highly trained receptionists work out of a world-class facility in Tallahassee.

Call Routing:

Route calls anywhere including our PATLive answering service.

24/7 Service:

That’s right, you’ll never miss another phone call again – even the holidays.

Outbound Calls:

You can now call your leads back on the same phone number they called from your ads.

Custom Scripts:

Two pre-built scripts by Ron that are proven to deliver more leads – buyers and sellers.

Call Recording:

You can ensure the quality of your customer service by recording your incoming phone calls.

Real Estate Experts:

PATLive receptionists receive training exclusively built for investors.


Gain better insight into your advertising with detailed reporting and analytics.

PATLive has helped me solve the age-old problem of talking to unmotivated sellers and taking incoming calls while trying to work – I just let PATLive answer the phone. PATLive’s service is the difference between success and failure.

And now with access to Tresta’s business phone features like call routing and recordings your business will sound more professional.

Ron LeGrand – Real Estate Investment Expert

How it Works

Get Your Numbers

Select up to 6 local or toll-free numbers included in your package. Add or delete phone numbers at anytime.

Send Your Calls to PATLive

Route all of your calls to PATLive according to the right calling script. One for buyers and one for sellers.

Use Ron’s Scripts

PATLive will answer calls 24/7 using Ron’s pre-built scripts that are proven to drive more leads.

Receive Your Leads

PATLive will instantly send your leads to your inbox for immediate review. You can follow-up at anytime.

Monitor Your Results

Review analytics and listen to recordings at anytime. Monitor PATLive, your acquisitionist and even yourself.

Join Thousands of Real Estate Investors That Trust PATLive With Their Calls

“I feel confident knowing that I can never miss an important call because the friendly and professional agents at PATLive are always there to answer my phone.”

Robert Heidbrink, Tri-Town Properties, LLC

Tri-Town Properties is a real estate investment firm that primarily finds leads by sending promotional materials via direct mail to people interested in selling their homes. Each time the owner, Robert, sent out a new mailing he would be overwhelmed by the higher than usual call volume. He was forced to choose between focusing on the other aspects of his business or answering calls from potential leads. Either way, he was losing money and time, and didn’t want to hire a full-time receptionist that he only really needed after a large promotional push.

PATLive now takes lead calls for Tri-Town properties. Our team of highly trained agents navigates the complex call flow we created to ensure that all lead information is properly collected with ease. Robert knows that he’s not missing potential business -and losing money – because PATLive takes all overflow and after-hours calls, and his prospects don’t ever get sent to voicemail.

Real Estate Experts

Prescreen Buyers and Sellers
Prescreen Buyers and Sellers

Let our agents weed out serious buyers and sellers with targeted questions we can recommend.

Collect Yellow Letter Leads
Collect Yellow Letter Leads

Send more letters than ever before and feel secure knowing 100% of your calls will be answered 24/7.

Provide Property Information
Provide Property Information

Let our agents give callers details on your properties and collect leads from interested callers.

Book Showings
Book Showings

We’ll schedule appointments for property viewings so you never miss an opportunity.

Take Messages
Take Messages

Let PATLive take your messages and collect lead information from your prospects.

Provide Tenant Support
Provide Tenant Support

Provide 24 hour support for tenants. Let us take those 2AM and weekend phone calls!

Answer FAQ's
Answer FAQ’s

We’ll ask for all the relevant information from you so we can answer caller questions.

Forward Calls
Forward Calls

We can forward hot leads or important clients straight to your phone after screening callers.

Turn Calls into Deals with
Our Special Pricing

We worked directly with Ron LeGrand to create a package specifically targeted to the needs of real estate investors – including special low prices.

Ron’s Elite Investor Package

6Phone Numbers
2Pre-built Scripts
250Live Answer Minutes
$0.95Per Additional Minute
Tresta Phone System


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