Awesome Customer Service Advice from Our Call Center Team

"When I talk to a customer I put myself in their shoes. It's not fair for me to assume they knew everything about our product. I'm the employee, not them." ~Stephanie Coulter, Customer Service Team Lead

Would we be bragging if we called ourselves customer service extraordinaires? It isn’t bragging if it’s a fact! At least, that’s what my mom has told me.

At PATLive, our number one concern is to take care of our customers and their customers with a deft hand. We place a high touch on all of our services and take our customer feedback very seriously. So, it’s no wonder we consider our team customer service experts.

We don’t expect you to take our word for it. Here are 8 of our favorite customer service tips from the team at PATLive.

A little empathy goes a long way with customers. Instead of treating your service as a turnstile, give each customer the time they deserve to be heard and understood.

Sweat the small things. A complaint from a customer is just a gift that allows the company to become better by changing." ~Stephanie Colter, PATLive Customer Service Team Lead

Do you know how much you lose out on if you take a customer complaint and don’t act on it? This is an opportunity for you to fix an issue that is not only a problem for this customer, but could potentially be one for numerous other people choosing to stay silent. Take action on those customer complaints.

"Before answering every call, imagine being told your student loans have all been forgiven, the caller will surely appreciate the enthusiasm in your voice!" ~ Marsha, Live Receptionist for PATLive

Whether you’re a customer service rep or the owner of a small business, it can get exhausting taking back to back calls from your customers. Play little psychological tricks on yourself to get yourself revved up. A caller can always hear a smile in your voice.

"Imagining that I am Beyonce's receptionist, I always make sure to double check the spelling and grammar, and deliver fabulous customer service." Marsha, PATLive Live Receptionist

You know Beyonce demands perfection from her staff. Any company with customers actually works for them, so it’s important to know your product inside and out. Double checking your spelling and grammar is simply another way of showing appreciation.

"The more customers know that we're in this to make them happy - not just to protect our bottom line - the more willing they are to work with us long term." Mike Fahmie, PATLive Project Manager

The customer doesn’t care about your bottom line. Instead, the customer cares about how your product helps them live a better life, and that they know they will be taken care of when something goes wrong. Going out of your way to provide service that is customer-centric shows that you care about the customer more than you care about your dream Ferrari.

"You're the expert, make sure the caller gets - and understands - all the information they need to get up and running." Mike Fahmie, PATLive Project Manager

When onboarding new customers, it’s important that you provide all the information they need to get started. How frustrating is it to get a new product with little to no explanation of how to make it work? Providing plenty of emails with tips or guides on getting the process started is always appreciated.

"When the customer says, 'Thank you' I respond with 'My pleasure' Think about it. If you know that someone took pleasure in providing you with customer service wouldn't you feel special?" Sunnie Johnson, PATLive CCR2

This quote by Sunnie shows that the little things matter, and it can be a simple as the language you use to create a great experience overall.

"To err is human. As a customer service representative, my job is to correct that error and attempt to avoid it in the future, making the customer service experience richer." Jazmine Johnson, Live Receptionist at PATLive

We all make mistakes. Our products will have issues, things won’t get shipped to the right places, maybe a customer wasn’t handled with care on the phone or an email got missed.

We live in an imperfect world. It’s what you do after those mistakes have been made that really counts. Take accountability for any issues that arise, find a solution, and use it as a way to build a better service standard in the future.

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