About Us

Our Story

We started out as a small voice company, but gave such great answering service that people asked us to start taking their calls...so our live receptionists were born.

Years later, we're still providing exceptional service daily and have expanded our expertise across multiple industries including real estate, medical, legal, and various other professional services. Name a use for a live answering service and we've probably done it.

Our live receptionists are carefully selected for the traits that make our customer service so great - enthusiasm, intelligence, and a sense of responsibility. We believe that the foundation of our business hinges on recruiting and hiring great employees, and we work hard to create a culture that attracts top talent. With two major universities and one of the largest community colleges in the state, we're able to hire the best and brightest receptionists - about one percent of all applicants - to answer our customers' calls.

What Can We Do for Your Business?

24/7 Answering Service

PATLive agents answer calls just like an in-office receptionist - but for a fraction of the price.

Message Taking

Use our agents as your personal assistant for general purpose message taking.

Lead Collection

Never miss a lead again. Get accurate, 24/7 data entry from agents who are always available.

Appointment Scheduling

Agents book and manage appointments 24/7 in your web-based calendaring service.

Order Processing

With a web-based ordering portal, agents can securely process credit card transactions.

Event Registrations

Putting on an event? Let our agents handle the overhead of attendee registrations and related calls.

After Hours Coverage

Callers should never get voicemail. Send them to a live person when you can't be there to answer.

Overflow Calls

Automatically forward callers to our agents when you're tied up on the other line.

Call Transfers

When callers need to speak with you, our system makes it easy for us to transfer the call to you.


PATLive was founded in 1990 when we started up with just 5 employees and our first 20 customers. In the 29 years since, we've grown to a team of over 125 and support thousands of businesses across the country. With decades of experience working with just about every industry, our agents have the know-how needed to deliver truly superior service on every call.


Practice makes perfect, and with over 10 million calls under our belts we've had a LOT of practice. Whatever your callers may throw our way, our agents will be ready with a natural and upbeat response - because chances are, it's nothing they haven't dealt with before. And we're answering more and more calls every day, just over 1 million per year at our current rate.