Call Summaries & Reporting

Real-time and daily call summaries. A powerful online reporting dashboard.

Your Business Calls, Your Business Results

From real-time summaries of your call details and messages, to more robust online reporting with call counts and trends, PATLive provides you with the data needed to gain a better understanding of your business calls and manage your leads.
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Stay Informed with Real-time Call Summaries

Receive your call summaries in real-time, so you can quickly respond to new leads or other messages. PATLive’s receptionists answer frequently asked questions and only send you the call information that is most important to you.

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Customize Your Call Summaries

Your call reports are completely personalized based on your preferences, down to each piece of information we collect. After we answer and handle the call per your directions, we'll provide a synopsis with as little or as much detail as you request.

  • Native Application - We integrate with your web-based CRM, eCommerce platform or ticketing system. You'll receive the same notifications and details as if you had taken the action yourself.
  • Real-time Call Summaries - Receive an email and/or SMS message immediately following each call with a summary of the action(s) taken and the information collected from the caller.
  • Daily Batched Call Summaries - Receive a daily email with a CSV attachment detailing all of the calls answered in the prior day.
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Online Reporting to Track Your Growing Business

Your prospects and return customers are calling you. PATLive’s online reporting helps you better understand your inbound call traffic patterns with metrics like time of day and call counts so you can make informed business decisions.

of customers prefer to contact a business by phone
of customers hang up if they’re unable to reach a real live person.
of callers don't leave a voicemail- a loss of a billion dollars each year.

A Full Suite of Answering Services

PATLive offers a lot more than just call summaries & reporting. Check out all our phone answering and live receptionist services designed to help streamline your calls and grow your business.

Call Summary & Reporting FAQs

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