These 20 Comments Prove Social Customer Service Works

Nov 25, 2015

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Your customers are standing at the pulpit every, single day. Will they use this opportunity to disparage your good name or sing its praises?

The very essence of social media gives any individual the ability to speak out about whatever they choose. Twitter, Facebook and other channels give its users the ability to share their feelings on any given topic. One of those topics might just include something about your business.

If you aren’t providing customer service on social media, you’re missing out. According to Sentiment, customers will spend 21 percent more if they have a good customer service experience on social media.

Making your organization available on social media does open it up for criticism, but it also allows you to get lots of love from your customers. And who doesn’t love love?

It’s time to lose your fear of social customer service. Here are some of the sweetest customer comments on social media.

    1. Sony
      The small things count, and recognizing your customers’ birthdays is one simple gesture that can make a big impact.


  • Zappos This beloved online shoe retailer is well known for its customer service. One Google search brings up article after article about their stellar reputation. We even have our own! FBComment1



  • Oreo It speaks a lot to the Oreo brand that they have such die hard fans. This anecdote speaks for itself. Oreo_FB2





  • In-N-Out Burger How does the saying go? The fastest way to your customers’ hearts is through their stomachs? Yup – that sounds right.

  • Drybar
    Take note, customer service professionals: Something as simple as retrieving a lost gift card number can mean the world to a customer, as well as your business’ bottom line.
  • Ace Hardware
  • Target
    Your product is important to your customers. This seems obvious, but many businesses miss the mark when trying to figure out what their customers want most. Target gets it right a lot.


  • Southwest Airlines Traveling can be a giant pain. Everyone is tired and cranky and emotionally ill-equipped to handle confined spaces. Except for that one group headed to Vegas; they are always having the most fun. When airlines make it just a little bit easier to get from point A to B, it can be a huge delight. Southwest_FB6



  • Trader Joe’s Service so good that it’s worth braving the Houston freeways? That’s high praise. TraderJoes_FB6



  • JetBlue Airways We don’t know what the situation was, but Rachel and Randy are customer service heroes.

  • Kroger
    Adjusting to life after having a baby is hard. Take it from me, support from unexpected sources can be overwhelmingly touching. Even if it comes from the staff at your local Kroger.
  • UPS
    It’s always nice to come across a shipping store that doesn’t treat their customers like they’re on an assembly line.



  • Publix PATLive has some mad love for the Publix grocery store chain. They exude quality in every sense of the word. Publix_FB8



  • Samsung Creating a way for your customers to enjoy household chores? Win!

  • Amazon
    Helping a customer who’s in a tight spot? Not a problem for Amazon.



  • Sprout Social We have first-hand experience with their customer support and it is first rate. Whether something buggy happens or if you have an idea that might make the software even more valuable – they want to hear it! Their live chat is quick, responsive and friendly.

  • PUBLIC Bikes
    Customer advocacy at its finest.



  • Walt Disney World Disney strives to create magical experiences for each guest who steps into their parks, so they take their customer service very seriously. The Disney Institute blog gives you awesome insight into their methods.

  • ZocDoc
    A service that makes finding the right kind of doctors a breeze? And they’re friendly? Sign us up!


We want to hear from you! Tell us about the nicest thing you’ve ever seen written about a business on social media in the comments.


Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones is a content writer and the social media manager for PATLive. She works from her cave, er, her home in Fayetteville, Ark., with her trusty dog and curmudgeonly cat by her side.

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