These 10 Employees Don’t Give a Damn About Your Customers

Dec 4, 2015

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This may come as a complete surprise, but no one is going to care about your business as much as you do. It’s your baby, your passion project. When you own a small business, it can consume your thoughts day and night.

It’s difficult to build a team who will treat your business and its customers in the way you would expect. After all, a large portion of customer service boils down to simply treating other people the way you would want to be treated. Unfortunately, this is not an innate ability for every single person.

A small business cannot afford to waste money on hiring the wrong customer service team; not only does the wrong team damage morale, but it also hurts the bottom line. There’s proof in the numbers:

  • According to American Express, 55 percent of consumers have intended to make a purchase, but backed out because of poor customer service.
  • 35 percent of customers told American Express they have lost their temper when talking to customer service.
  • Zendesk says that 39 percent of customers avoid vendors for 2+ years after a bad experience.
  • But the worst of all: 82 percent of consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of bad customer service, according to Zendesk.

Hiring a customer service team is not an easy task, but it’s completely doable. Here are 10 personality types you need to avoid when hiring the people who take care of your customers.

Apathetic Andy
Cat Filing Nails Doesn't Care Apathy Customer Service
Apathy has no place in a business where customer service is a priority. You need team members who genuinely care about your greatest asset. Apathetic people convey a lack of care to your customers.

Negative Nate
Bill Murray Groundhog Day Negative Attitude Bad Customer Service
Some people really have nothing positive to contribute to any conversation. This personality type is both a team morale killer and customer kryptonite. Someone with a pragmatic and positive outlook is a much better choice for customer service.

Inattentive Ida
Carol Last Man On Earth Limo Ignore Bad Customer Service
Have you ever been straight up ignored by an employee for a business? They see you. You see them. But instead of helping you, they choose to do anything else. Your service team should always place a priority on customer.

Impatient Iman
Seth Myers Impatient Bad Customer Service
It takes a whole heap of patience to work with customers, especially when they are frustrated and venting. It is a virtue. Hire people who understand its importance.

Confused Constance
Confused Shrug Don't Know Bad Customer Service
There is nothing more discouraging that speaking with someone in customer service who has no idea about the business or the product. This can be the result of poor training or it can be as simple as the team member just doesn’t get it. Continued training is a great way to eliminate this issue.

Agitating Agnes
Agitating Annoying Pester Pull Hair Man Messing With Girls Hair Bad Customer Service
We’re not saying that customer service team members need to be super zen, but having a calming affect on your customers is much more desirable than barking back when they are frustrated.

Lazy Louie
Homer Simpson Chair on a treadmill exercise lazy bad customer service
No matter the profession, it’s good to look for people who are goal-oriented and interested in growth. Team members who are complacent and disinterested will bring the whole team down.

Sarcastic Sally
Han Solo Star Wars Harrison Ford Sarcastic Remarks Bad Customer Service
Sarcasm has it’s place. It makes an appearance in this blog and in all of my bad jokes. Yet, sarcastic remarks shouldn’t make their way into your team’s communication with customers; you never want your customers to think your business sees them as stupid.

Me-First Mindy
Selfish Jamie Lee Curtis Scream Queens Bad Customer Service
Being confident is a great trait and will help you in all facets of your life. But being selfish and a customer service team member just doesn’t work. Try to hire people who have an insatiable need to be helpful.

Inflexible Ignacio
Not Flexible Inflexible Gilmore Girls Bad Customer Service
There has to be a give and take in customer service since every decision isn’t clear-cut. Look for team members who are willing to work with customers and really think outside the box for solutions.

Don’t get caught with customer service team members who don’t give a damn about your customers or your business. While you can’t possibly anticipate knowing every single trait from the start, it’s best to address any discordant traits as they rear their ugly heads.

Now it’s your turn! What personality types do you avoid when hiring customer service team members?


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