PATLive Now Integrates with Clio and Lexicata. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Apr 3, 2018


We’re thrilled to announce PATLive’s newest integrations with two of the most widely-used legal management softwares on the market, Clio and Lexicata, . Both systems are designed to streamline and simplify the management of your law practice. In the hands of PATLive’s virtual receptionists, they’ve better than ever. Here, we’ll show you exactly what you can accomplish with these tools in your arsenal.


Clio is an enterprise legal management tool that helps users manage and organize many time-consuming aspects of their practice right from their cloud-based dashboard, which can be accessed from anywhere. Lawyers can use Clio to manage a variety of issues, here’s just a handful of them:

  • Billing
  • Contact management
  • Time tracking
  • Documents
  • Payments

For example: To better keep track of clients, a firm might choose to enter every new caller, as contacts into Clio. Names, contact information, and any relevant notes can accompany the contact, as well as any matters that might require attention, documents, and billing or payment details. For more on Matters in Clio, check out their website.


Lexicata is a CRM and client intake management tool not unlike Clio. It’s designed for the often complicated process of client intake, where Clio focuses more on managing existing cases and organizing matters,  This refers to everything from the moment an interested party contacts a firm to when they become a paying client. Automating portions of this process with Lexicata eliminates time spent on non-billable tasks, saving you time and maximizing the profitability of your practice.  

Lexicata serves three primary functions: Intake forms, document and email automation, and CRM.

  • Their online form builder allows users to easily create and edit customized intake forms and keep up with them through automated email reminders. Polish them off with your firm’s logo and branding details for an ultra-professional look.
  • Lexicata allows new clients to sign documents online with a digital signature, eliminating the hassle of printing, manually signing, scanning, and re-uploading. Lexicata’s document templates make it easier than ever to generate high-quality forms.
  • Contact management is a breeze with Lexicata. Tag and label your contacts into easily searchable lists, so anyone you need is just a click away. Lexicata also features lead source tracking, which pinpoints the locations of higher quality leads to optimize marketing efforts.

Better with PATLive

If you’re using PATLive in tandem with Clio or Lexicata, managing your practice becomes even easier. Anytime one of our receptionists answers a call on behalf of your firm, they’ll complete a contact form with the caller’s information. All of the information from this form is automatically updated in your platform of choice, so your system stays current with each new call, whether it’s a new or existing client. The best part is, once PATLive is integrated with your Clio or Lexicata account, there’s no action required on your part—our receptionists will answer your calls and update your records while you handle whatever else the day throws at you.


Jamie Lowary

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