Customer Service Week: How We Celebrated Our Best and Brightest

Oct 14, 2015

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Our customers aren’t the most important thing to us.

Well, that’s not true. In fact, they are so important to us that we place a high value on the staff who take care of them: our customer service representatives.

In order to have the customers we do, we put a lot of energy into creating representatives who are not only highly trained, but who adore their jobs and feel like valuable members of a customer-centric community. As we’ve mentioned before, there is proof that happy employees make for happier customers, and Customer Service Week is all about celebrating the people who ensure your customers stick around.

We’ve had a week loaded with games, prizes, and tons of treats along with a healthy dose of gratitude and fun. Thinking about celebrating your staff? Here’s how we took Customer Service Week by storm.

Monday: American Gladiator Day
Customer Service Week 2015 American Gladiators Day
It’s essential to kick off Customer Service Week with bang in order to set the tone, and American Gladiator Day is an explosive way to start a Monday. Our staff was asked to come up with an extreme character name (Zap or Hawk, anyone?) and come dressed to kick you-know-what. (Need details about the happenings – images in box)

Tuesday: Camp In Day
Customer Service Week 2015 Camp In Day
Who doesn’t love a gooey, chocolatey S’mores mess and sleeping in tents? Well, some people. But there’s not much to complain about when you camp indoors! It has all the perks of sleeping outside minus the bugs and humidity.

There was plenty of camp fare; breakfast included hot cocoa and doughnuts, and lunch was hot dogs and trail mix. We also enjoyed sack races and there was a tent building contest. All the activity allowed everyone to make room for S’mores.

PATLive Camping In Sack Races

Wednesday: Making the Band Day
This day was all about making our staffs’ pop star dreams come true. If they wanted to be Britney Spears when growing up, this was their chance. Everyone was asked to dress as their favorite pop stars – the results were amazing. The day wouldn’t have been complete without a costume contest and karaoke, of course. Lots and lots of karaoke.

Thursday: Kentucky Derby Day
When you think of the Kentucky Derby, there are probably a few items you automatically think of: elaborate hats, mint juleps, bow ties, southern charm and the ponies. The staff was asked to come to work in their Derby best and be ready to place their bets on the PATLive Derby – a race created specifically for Customer Service Week using horse puppets. That’s right! There are no lengths too great for us to take in order to have a little fun.
Customer Service Week 2015 Kentucky Derby Day

Friday: Superhero Day
Customer Service Week 2015 Superhero Day
Our call center was taken over by super villains and it was up to our customer service heroes to save the day. This required an emergency, and special superhero training that allowed our heroes to take back control of the call center. Superheroes need their energy, so there was plenty of food to keep them in peak condition.

We love Customer Service Week, but showing your staff how valuable they are to your organization shouldn’t be limited to one week out of the year. If you want happy customers, you have to show your deep appreciation for the people who take care of them regularly.

Did you celebrate Customer Service Week this year? Let us know what activities your organization provided in the comments!


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