Is Great Customer Service Really Better Than Kissing?

Feb 14, 2017

Couple Kissing Great Customer Service is Better Than Kissing

We all know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of an exceptional customer service experience: your belly gets warm, your heart races a bit, you smile a bit easier and you just feel good.

I’m going to say it: great customer service makes a person feel loved.

When your customers feel cared for their loyalty skyrockets, you generate more business through word-of-mouth and you feel good for giving your customers the type of service they can’t find anywhere else. And now there’s scientific proof that great service feels just as good or better than kissing someone you love.

American Express commissioned a study that reveals why receiving (and giving) great service feels so good and the results are hard to ignore. The study found having an exceptional service experience improves feelings of wellbeing, reduces anxiety and sadness, and improves loneliness.

“Our research shows great service experiences rank as peak pleasures, which are known to decrease stress and improve feelings of wellbeing,” said Professor Gemma Calvert, Managing Director of Neurosense Group. “The physiological, emotional and psychological effects of great service were recorded to have a positive impact on the body’s overall wellbeing, which in turn has positive effect on the subject’s health.”

This study also revealed:

  • Great acts of service cause a chain reaction of positive responses in the body, increasing heart rate and galvanic skin response (or perspiration level) as excitement and exhilaration builds.
  • 68% of people felt their breathing rate decrease as they relaxed and became happier when thinking about great service.
  • 74% of people felt their heart rate increase when thinking about providing great service.
  • 55% those tested were found to feel pride when on the receiving end of great service (55 per cent). The ‘personal boost’ of someone going out of their way for you can help to build self-esteem, further underpinning the far-reaching impact of great service on our wellbeing.

      Check out our infographic to get a quick glimpse at how impactful great customer service (in person, on the phone, online) can be to your customers wellbeing.

      Great Customer Service Is Better Than Kissing

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