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Oct 23, 2015

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Twitter is one of the greatest business tools on the planet. Not only can you use the social network to connect with your customers, provide support and generate leads, but you can also find in depth information and discussions on almost any industry. There is no shortage of helpful content.

Keeping industry secrets close to the vest is so antiquated. Social media has created a world where people can connect with industry thought leaders in an intimate way; Twitter makes it easy to get influencer insights on the latest trends and even ask questions without paying for the fancy conventions.

Here are our top 10 favorite customer service influencers you should be following on Twitter.

Shep Hyken
Mr. Hyken is one of our favorite, go-to influencers on Twitter. Not only has the NYT best selling author and speaker kindly tweeted some of our blog posts, but he has been willing to share his take on customer service with us when asked. His feed is loaded with wise bytes.

Follow @Hyken for: Quick customer service stats; Handy tips; Because he’s Hyken!

Kate Nasser
While most of Kate’s focus is on performing better customer service, she goes deeper into what sort of environment creates stellar service. Nasser, a renowned speaker on professional people skills, also hosts her #PeopleSkills Twitter chat on Sundays at 10 am eastern – a great way to connect and ask questions!

Follow @KateNasser for: Customer service advice; people management tips; interpersonal skill growth.

Bill Quiseng
If you are looking for a highly engaged influencer, you’ve found one in Quiseng. He takes a lot of time to retweet content from his followers and engage with them one-on-one. He is on it. Quiseng, speaker and resort manager for Marriott’s KoOlina Beach Club, also curates fantastic content from a wide range of customer service thought leaders. Did we mention he’s incredibly nice? Because he is.

Follow @billquiseng for: Customer service inspiration; a slough of helpful content about customer service and experience.

Flavio Martens
The Vice President of Operations for DigiCert and author of Win the Customer knows a thing or two about providing top notch customer service. Martens is sharing it all on Twitter; his feed is loaded with helpful insights on creating a better customer experience.

Follow @flavmartens for: Really solid customer service content; Customer-centric culture posts.

Annette Franz
If you’re looking for all around solid content about creating a customer experience culture, you have to follow CXPA Board Member and CX Expert Annette Franz. You will find tons of quality, interesting content that makes you think.

Follow @annettefranz for: Solid content on customer-centric workplaces.

Michael Lytle
The Director of Customer Success for Extreme Networks knows a thing or two about creating an outstanding customer experience. Follow as he shares his daily collection in the best of customer service content.

Follow @Michael_Lytle for: A daily collection of all the hottest customer service and experience content.

Roy Atkinson
We are big fans of Mr. Atkinson – we’ve even featured his advice on our blog in the past! Much of the content Atkinson shares are deeper insights into the customer experience, particularly in the IT realm.

Follow @RoyAtkinson for: Deeper customer service and experience insight; IT news; Inspiring quotes.

Micah Solomon
Solomon is an author, speaker and customer service consultant who shares top notch articles, as well as behind-the-scenes tweets about his speaking events. He’s super engaging and writes some of the best articles for

Follow @micahsolomon for: Well-written and thoughtful takes on customer service.

Colin Shaw
If you’re looking for the rockstar of the customer experience world, Colin Shaw is it. He is the influencers influencer. Shaw is the CEO of Beyond Philosophy, a customer experience consultancy, and has been recognized as the world’s Top Business Influencer by LinkedIn. If you aren’t following him, you’re missing out.

Follow @ColinShaw_CX for: Customer experience tips from one of the greatest influencers; Because he’s Colin Shaw, folks.

Stig T. Brodersen
This one is a bit of a cheat because Brodersen isn’t necessarily a customer service influencer, but his tweets are definitely retweeted by many of them. If you’re looking for some excellent business inspiration or just need a little uplifting, follow Brodersen for a much needed boost.

Follow @stig_brodersen for: Inspiring quotes from top business leaders; when you need to a little kick in the pants.

Don’t have a Twitter account yet? You really should consider it.

What are your favorite customer service Twitter accounts to follow? Tell us in the comments!


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