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6 Ways Answering Your Own Phone Harms Your Business (And How An Answering Service Helps)

Mar 23, 2017 by

two business men in a meeting and on the phone answering service

You want to be as hands-on in your businesses as possible, but sometimes delegating certain tasks to other people is the best solution. Answering your own phones, for example, is one of those tasks that would be better handled by a receptionist or answering service.

If you’re answering your own calls yourself instead of delegating to a receptionist or an answering service, you could actively be harming your business in six very significant ways.

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The Nitty Gritty: Customer Support VS. Customer Service

Aug 31, 2015 by

Business man looking confused next to question mark illustration

I’ll admit it: I am not at my best when I’m behind the wheel. If I get cut off in traffic, I immediately say something along the lines of, “(insert expletive or name calling)! Learn how to drive!”

Yet a second thought always occurs after my standard reaction. While I understand a lot of people don’t drive well, I wonder if maybe they DO have something more important to get to. Maybe there’s an emergency or this person is running late for work and could lose their job because of their tardiness. I can’t possibly know the circumstances, so how can I judge their actions?

It can be easy to make sweeping generalizations, especially when you aren’t educated on a particular topic. Too often the words ‘customer support’ and ‘customer service’ are used interchangeably and it’s easy to see why: both are about helping the customer.

The thing is, customer support and customer service play completely different roles in an organization, and each brings its own brand of help to the customer. So, we’re going to pit them against each other to learn more about how each performs – no name calling or swearing allowed.

Are you ready to rumble? It’s time to learn the essential differences between customer support and customer service.

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