This is the Dawning of the Age of the Customer

Aug 5, 2016

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“The customer is always right, you know,” chuckled a boisterous and smiling employee at the mega-chain grocery store I frequent.

I had just ordered a “couple” of chicken tenders at the deli counter (I have a bad habit of being nonspecific and an unwavering love of fried chicken) when the employee asked me exactly how many I meant by a “couple.” And it was great of her to ask – an indefinite descriptor has to be a service person’s greatest annoyance.

Knowing I could have been clearer, I apologized and told her I meant two chicken strips. She laughed heartily and explained others don’t seem to understand that definition.

“Sometimes customers will say they want a couple, but what they really mean is five,” she shared. “But I never correct them because, you know, the customer is always right.”

The stance her employer takes on customer service is obvious. And though it’s a truer statement to say the customer is not always right, businesses everywhere are waking up to the true value of focusing on customer service and experience.

Rick Parrish, Senior Analyst at Forrester, outlined the benefits businesses see if they focus on customer driven initiatives in the “U.S. Customer Experience Index, 2016.″

“Customer experience leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards, drive higher brand preference, and can charge more for their products,” Parrish said.

Businesses are seeing big returns by focusing on their customer experience, and Cloudcherry has found this trend is only going gain momentum. In the infographic below, they share stats that prove:

  • Businesses will continue to place a greater emphasis on customer experience.
  • Customer experience will be a greater driver than product or price.
  • There will be more overall spend in experience strategy and initiatives.
  • A top notch mobile experience will be imperative.

It’s clear that customer experience is rapidly becoming a differentiator; those who get on board will see huge gains and more success than their competitors.

It’s the age of the customer – are you on board? Check out this infographic from Cloudcherry to learn how customer experience is changing.

The year of the customer infographic cloudcherry customer experience stats


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