Phone Numbers

Whether you need a number or already have one, PATLive has you covered.

Get a New Phone Number or Use Your Current One

Choose from thousands of numbers in every major area code and toll-free prefix, or bring a number you already have.

Get a New Local or Toll-Free Phone Number

Every PATLive plan includes at least one phone number. You can choose from thousands of numbers in every major area code and toll-free prefix, and your number will be ready to use instantly after sign up. And if you ever decide to leave PATLive, you can bring your number with you.

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Or Use a Phone Number You Already Have

If you already have a number you want to use, you can use it with our services one of two ways:

1) Forward your calls from your current number to the number that we'll provide during sign up.

2) Port the number into our platform so you don't have to forward calls.

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Enjoy the Added Benefits of Call Tracking Reports

In addition to great live answering services from our team of virtual receptionists, every PATLive plan includes access to our online call reporting platform. Easily view summary reports that break down your calls by phone number, day, and more alongside call details that show what happened on every call.

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of customers prefer to contact a business by phone
of customers hang up if they're unable to reach a real live person.
of callers don't leave a voicemail- a loss of a billion dollars each year.

A Full Suite of Answering Services

PATLive offers a lot more than just phone numbers. Check out all our phone answering and live receptionist services designed to help streamline your calls and grow your business.

Phone Number FAQs

Does each phone number get it's own script?

We offer one script per service. If you have multiple phone numbers on the same service, they'll all use the same script.

Why would I need more than one phone number?

Many of our customers use multiple phone numbers to represent different area codes or to track their advertising efforts.

Can I keep my number but forward my calls to you during certain times like lunch?
Do you offer vanity numbers?
What types of numbers do you have? Are they toll-free or local?
What's the difference between porting and forwarding?