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Live Answering Service

1: Customers Call

When a customer calls your business they don't want to speak to a machine or to someone who can't understand their needs. They want an attentive, helpful individual ready to either diagnose their problem or transfer them directly to someone who can.

Use our number
We provide a toll-free or local number. Use this number on your marketing materials, and calls to your business will be directed to us. This is optimal if you plan to have our live receptionist service answer all of your calls.

Call forwarding
There are two popular types of call forwarding available. These must be set up through your local phone company. We still provide you with a local or toll-free number, and you forward your existing phone number to the new number provided.

  • Busy, or no answer forwarding - If your line is busy, or if you do not answer in a certain number of rings, most service providers allow you to forward to your local or toll-free number. This option is ideal for businesses that need us to answer their calls whenever they are not available and want to have an automated process in place.
  • Manual call forward - Most service providers allow you to set a manual call forward on your phone at anytime. This works best if you want the flexibility to have us only answer calls occasionally, on a changing schedule.
2: Receptionist Answers

We also work with you to design a script that our receptionists will use to answer your calls. We establish a relationship with your business, as though we were actual employees.

More information about our live answering service:

  • The right people - We choose friendly people here in the United States. All of our receptionists must pass interviews, tests, and background checks.
  • Training is key - We feature a rigorous training program that is administered by our in-house training team. It includes weeks of classroom study, practice calls, and tests.
  • Friendly & professional - We connect with your callers. A simple "how is your day" or showing a little sympathy can go a long way on a customer service call.

On the right side of this page, you will find a demo video and some sample scripts for reference.

3: Actions Taken

You already know how big of a difference any live receptionist can make. Here are a few of the extra services our receptionists can provide.

  • Take messages - We let callers know when you're available, but that you will get back to them shortly. Our receptionists collect information such as the callers' name, number, and best time to reach them.
  • Transfer calls - If you want to give the caller the option to talk to you directly, we can transfer the call to you. We perform both warm and cold transfers.
  • Order entry - Our receptionist can take orders right over the phone. If you have a Web site that has a simple ordering process, we can link directly to it for easy order fulfillment.
  • Schedule appointments - When we know your schedule, we can take extra burden off you by actually setting an appointment schedule. For an extra dollar a day you can use our online appointment scheduling software. This robust software can be used to handle all of your appointment needs.

How It Works

Watch this video to learn more about Hosted Receptionist. Play Video

Sample Scripts

Check out these sample call recordings:
Get started now! Download the scripting form and tell us how to answer your calls.

Live Demo

Test the service for free. Provide your contact information and we'll give you access to try these scripts out live.

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