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We provide affordable, feature rich phone numbers for your Web site or other business needs. Your calls can be tracked online, reports can be scheduled and delivered to your email, and call activity can be integrated with your Web analytics. If you need help selecting a service or just have questions, our customer support team, friendly people here in the U.S., is available 24x7.

Features Hosted Local Hosted Toll-Free Hosted Messaging
Price*: $12.95 monthly
$12.95 monthly
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Local Number in any U.S. city. Nationwide Toll-Free Number Local or Toll-Free Numbers
+ Call Reporting

included included included
Call ReportingTrack your ads and calls with our comprehensive reporting package. View reports in bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts that can be broken down from a monthly overview to a detailed, hourly view. View, download, or email reports to yourself. Choose whether to see call counts, average call durations, or total call durations for each phone number or group of phone numbers. Data is kept for 12 months.
+ Caller Forwarding

included included See Find Me/Follow Me
Caller ForwardingWith caller forwarding you can send callers to any location -- cell phone, home phone, or office phone. You can set call schedules based on the time of day, or day of week. You can even setup exceptions for holidays and days off.
+ Analytics Integration

included included included
Analytics IntegrationCompare your online and offline ad campaigns side by side. We give you the ability to track phone call traffic with Google Analytics and other popular analytics software.
  • Understand which Web traffic translates into offline phone call activity.
  • Compare different ad venues, locations, and mediums.
  • View which ad groups and keywords work most effectively.
  • Measure the true ROI of each advertising method.
Just create a hidden Web page on your Web site, then associate your hosted phone number with the Web page's URL. When people see your ad and call your hosted number, our server will ping your hidden page and call activity will be logged on your Web analytics reports.
+ Simultaneous Callers

included included included
You don't have to worry about a busy signal or blocked call. Your hosted number will answer and route up to 8 simultaneous callers according to the schedule you set. Callers won't hear a busy signal as long as you have enough lines available at the receiving number.
+ Voicemail

It's more than just voicemail, it's a small phone system. You can offer callers a menu of options or keep it simple and send them directly to voicemail.
  • Recorded menus
  • Send voicemails to your email
  • Unlimited message storage
  • Caller identification
  • "Follow-me" call forwarding
  • Listen online or by phone
  • 24x7 live support
+ Internet Fax Account

Your hosted Internet faxing service allows you to send and receive faxes 24x7. If you're still using a paper fax machine, take a look at what you're paying for paper, ink, and a phone line. Compare the convenience of a hosted service to the paper fax machine: your callers won't hear a busy signal, the machine won't get a paper jam, and you won't lose faxes.
    Internet Fax Account
  • Send faxes online
  • Manage and name faxes
  • Receive faxes in your email inbox
  • Unlimited fax storage
  • No busy signals
  • 24x7 live support
+ Message to Email

You probably check your email several times a day, so we want to make it easy to manage your voice and fax messages with your existing email account. The voice and fax messages received by your hosted account can be instantly sent to any email address you like. Listen, print, download, or forward your messages as needed.
+ Social Sharing New

PATLive has a social sharing feature available on all of our voicemail systems! Record voice messages and share them out to your social network. Use the power of voice to improve messaging to your friends, fans, and followers.
  • Record dynamic product commercials
  • Set up a testimonial line and share customer experiences
  • Share funny birthday greetings to your friend's Facebook wall to stand out from the many others they receive that special day
There are a million innovative ways you can use this feature and best of all... it's FREE. Watch this quick tutorial video and start sharing today! Learn more.
+ Find Me/Follow Me

Before sending a caller to voicemail, you can set up rules based on the hours of the day or the day of the week to reach you at other phone numbers first. If those numbers don't answer then the caller will be sent to voicemail. You can also turn on "call screening" so you can know who is calling before you decide to answer the call.
+ 24x7 Live Support

included included included
24x7 Live SupportWe're here to help whenever it's convenient for you. Our support staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days each year. Call anytime and speak to a friendly customer care representative right away. Customer care representatives are available by phone, fax or email. Whatever your contact method, we're standing by to provide a fast, friendly and reliable response.
Package Minutes

1000 250 1000 Local &
250 Toll-Free
Additional Minutes

3.9¢ 3.9¢ 3.9¢

$12.95 $12.95 $19.95

* any applicable taxes or surcharges will also apply

Add-On Features

Get even more value from our service with these inexpensive add-on features. They are easy to use, and can be managed from your account online 24x7.

Features Hosted Local Hosted Toll-Free Hosted Messaging
+ Caller Insight New

$30/service $30/service $30/service

Caller DemographicsHow well do you know your customers? Do you know key stats like avg household income, where customers are concentrated geographically, whether they own computers or have access to credit cards to help guide your marketing, pricing, and product distribution strategies? Caller Insight provides key demographic information like income, mortgage information, interests, household size on your callers to help you make more informed business decisions. Learn more.

+ Call Recording

$1/number $1/number Options Available

Record calls for quality assurance or order accuracy. These calls can be stored on your account indefinitely and retrieved at your discretion. Learn more. Call PAT for more information about your recording options with Hosted Messaging.

+ Click2Call

$2/service $2/service $2/service

Clients, buyers, or shoppers no longer need to leave your website or even their computer to initiate a phone call. They need only enter their phone number on your website and a call will be connected to both the visitor and your company. Learn more.

+ Transcriptions

N/A N/A 39¢/message

Our agents can listen to voicemails and transcribe them so that they are emailed to you without the hassle of you having to listen to them and record the information yourself. These leads can be emailed to you in a CSV file for easy download into your CRM software.


$10/service $10/service $10/service

Dynamic Number Replacement allows you the ability to show a unique phone number on your website based on where the visitor is referred from. For example, you could display one phone number on your website when a visitor arrives by clicking on a specific pay per click advertisement, and you could display a different phone number on your site when a visitor arrives by clicking a link on a partner's webpage. Learn more.

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